How-to: Upcycle an Old CD into a Clock

Upcycled CD Clock
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Are you bored of your clock? You know the one I’m talking about. The old, cheap and dusty looking one you’ve had since time began? Yes that one! Do you also have some old, scratched CDs that you don’t listen to anymore? Well, thankfully, it’s finally the right time to give your old clock a much needed makeover and with your scratched CD. So, without further delay, here are a few simple steps to help transform your old timepiece in to a funky and stylish looking CD clock. Word of caution, should you own any Hanson CD’s, it’s advised that you stay well clear as the purpose of this exercise is to visually improve an old clock not devalue it further! Right, without further wait here’s how-to upcycle an old CD into a clock.


  • Permanent marker
  • Old cd, dvd or video game
  • Old clock
  • Super Glue
  • AA Battery
  • Scissors

1. Dissect Your Clock!

To begin with, you’ll need one, uber cool looking cd, dvd or video game. For cds I recommend using the Beatles White Album, Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit album, or anything ever created by The Smiths. Likewise, for dvds why not try and locate your old Terminator 2 or Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom dvd as they are both visually spectacular! Next, we remove the old clock’s cover, revealing two small screws. Remember, gently does it, so be extra careful not to damage your old clock’s inner components!

numbering the clock

2. Number The Clock Face

Firstly, write the numbers one through 12 on the front of the cd using a permanent marker. You can experiment here; why not print out the numbers in some exquisite font on your computer and stick it onto the front of the cd using glue.

gluing the clock
Next, glue the battery pack to the back of the cd.

back of the clock

3. Finishing Touches

Remember, the sole purpose of a clock, apart from looking cool, is to display the correct time. With this in mind, delicately attach your clocks hands and keep them in the correct order when attaching the hour, the minute, and the second dials. By now your new clock should be looking pretty funky, but hold your horses you’re not finished yet.

Next, gently place the battery back inside, glue the back of the cd, then attach it to a broken cd or dvd shard as a support.

Upcycled CD Clock
Voila, your CD clock is finished! Say goodbye to your old clock and hello to a new, funky, stylish looking one!

[All images created by Rahul Mistry and used with permission.]

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