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from bookcase makeoverI recently acquired a second hand bookcase. It is a cheap one and it’s seen better days. I want to give it a makeover but wasn’t sure what to do with it because of the cheap paper laminate stuff it’s covered with. I’m not sure if I should strip it or just work over it.

So I went online to see what I could find and see if anyone else has given a cheap bookcase a chic makeover. Here is what I found:

found at Aprtment Therapy

This black and white beauty is nice. You should see what it looked like to begin with. You can get this look with the help of this Apartment Therapy tutorial.

Home Made Simple took one bookcase and gave it three different makeovers.

The site has nine bookcase makeovers and another site, The Pepper Design Blog, has some funky fabric ideas for covering old bookcases.

I think the idea I love the most is Country Living’s DIY bookcase. They took old dresser drawers and transformed them into a bookcase. Now that’s a crafty repurpose and super upcycle. It doesn’t help me with my cheap bookcase but it does make me want to be on the lookout for old dressers and drawers.

What about you have you given a bookcase or any other furniture a crafty green makeover?

5 thoughts on “DIY Bookcase Makeovers”

    1. Lynn love the colors- very festive. It really brightens up the room adding a great visual point.

      If you ever have to strip off old paint or finish- try Soygel by Franmar. It makes it so easy and it’s eco-friendly. The old finish will easily come off. Just don’t use it on plastic. Someone said they used it on a chadelier and it ate the plastic coating off the wires.

      But a lot of natural oil based products will not work well with plastic and petroleum based stuff.It’s made for use on wood and metal. But our experience with it was great. It didn’t even stink.

  1. Did you end up stripping it or working over it? I have a bookcase in a similar condition and not sure what to do either…would love to see what you ended up with :).

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