Book Page Projects: Reuse Your Old Books

vintage book page craft projects

Just because you love books doesn’t mean that you can’t subject them to the (craft) knife. Check out these book page craft projects to give old books a new life.

That ratty, old, outdated encyclopedia, that paperback romance from the 70s, that gorgeously illustrated hardback with half its pages torn out–they don’t need to sit, gathering useless dust on your living room bookshelves, not when you  could use them for book page craft projects instead, like Christmas ornaments, luminaries, or scrapbook embellishments!

If you’ve got a few books that have seen better days, don’t just leave them in useless retirement; instead, check out the tons of crafty, eco-friendly, upcycled (it’s more energy efficient than recycling!) book page craft projects that can bring those old pages back to new life:

Book Page Craft Projects

book page print cards (4 of 4)Greeting Cards: Plain text pages make the perfect background for the wildly colorful paint prints that front these DIY paint-printed book page greeting cards.

Bowl: If that formerly lovely decorative bowl just isn’t your style anymore, you can update it–in this case, with hot gluebook pages and rope.

Pendant: Is there one particular passage of one particular book that always moves you? Turn it into a book page pendant.

Party Decorations: Got a bookish friend to celebrate? Their party should include both a book page poof AND a book page bunting! For bonus eco points, you could even make that book page bunting glue-free!

vintage dictionary pages coated in beeswax
Beeswax-coated book pages can be used to make luminaries.

Luminary: Book pages look beautiful when used as candle luminaries, either for everyday decorating or for the holidays. For an even more translucent glow, coat the pages in beeswax first.

Scrapbook: Book pages, especially those taken from torn-up old dictionaries, make excellent scrapbook embellishments.

Monogram: Decoupage a three-dimensional letter with pages from a favorite book to make this book page monogram from Wohler’s World.

How To: Book Page Mother's Day BroochBrooch: This book page brooch looks like an award ribbon! You can also make a book page brooch that looks like a shamrock–you’ll need to paint it green, of course.

Kid Toys: How about a working book page pinwheel?

Need even more ideas for upcycling old books? Check out this post for everything from “book” shelves to smash books to hardback book planters.

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