Crafty Reuse: Ten Projects for Old Bottle Caps

[Creative Commons photo by dyanna]

As I’ve confessed before, I’m a hoarder. Right next to that bowl full of used corks is another bowl full of bottle caps. I just can’t bear to pitch them! Also like with the corks, a certain husband has been wondering what in the world I plan to do with all these bottle caps.

Luckily, there are a ton fun projects that I can choose from!

  1. Check out this awesome bottle cap folk art mirror from the ’60s! Gorgeous.
  2. There’s an awesome thread on Craftster on making a bottle cap-covered tabletop.
  3. You can use the same idea as the tabletop and make bottle cap mosaic tiles or stepping stones.
  4. Turn a bunch of old bottle caps into a belt.
  5. You can turn one into a really cute pin!
  6. My Amphetamines and My Purls shows you how to make a crocheted beer cap trivet.
  7. For a kid-friendly project, try these bottle cap fridge magnets.
  8. I’m totally digging these beautiful bottle cap push pins from Martha Stewart.
  9. What a cool idea! This globe is made from bottle caps and soda can pulltabs!
  10. Craft Bits shows you how to turn a pair of bottle caps into a cute pair of earrings.

Are there any other cool bottle cap projects that I’m missing? I’d love to hear about what you guys are making with your spent caps!

Written by Becky Striepe

My name is Becky Striepe (rhymes with “sleepy”), and I am a crafts and food writer from Atlanta, Georgia with a passion for making our planet a healthier, happier, and more compassionate place to live. My mission is to make vegan food and crafts accessible to everyone!. If you like my work, you can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and .


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