Craftivism in Action: Project Junktopia Fights Waste with Cuteness

Craftivism in Action: Project Junktopia Fights Waste with Cuteness

Project Junktopia uses craftivism to shine a light on consumer waste, and it does it beautifully. Check out these videos!

This first video is a time lapse of Junktopia’s creation:

Creator Janet Schriever describes her craftivism project:

It’s an entire miniature world made of up-cycled junk. I’ve designed and made 6 adorable characters that inhabit the junk world and have begun to produce a series of short web videos that feature the Junktopian characters as they solve everyday problems by up-cycling their junk in Junktopia!

The project reminds me a little bit of Asher Jay’s Garbagea. It uses consumer waste to tell the story of our throw-away society in a digestible way that still makes you think. Craftivism projects like these really blow my mind. The detail and creativity involved are just stunning!

Here’s another Project Junktopia video: an amazing Rube Goldberg-style machine created from junk:

OK, and I know that the holidays are long past, but I can’t resist sharing the Junktopia Holiday Special! I think that this last video is the most powerful. What time of year says “consumer waste” more than the holidays, right?

What strikes me most about this craftivism project is that it’s just so darn cute! And cute means shareable. I’m a strong believer that you’re more likely to get folks thinking when you approach issues like waste from this angle. Project Junktopia doesn’t put folks on the defensive. It make you think about waste and consumption while remaining totally watchable and unpreachy.

Are you working on any craftivism projects? We’d love to share them with our readers! Send us an email through our site’s contact form.

Image Credit: Screenshot from Holiday Special video

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