Christmas Tree Ornaments Crafted from Natural Materials: The Epic Round-up

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beeswax and fabric scrap Christmas tree ornaments beeswax and fabric scrap ornaments:ย These ornaments, made from melted beeswax ladled into a mold, with strips of fabric pressed into them for hanging, can be tinted the same way that you tint homemade modeling beeswax.

twiggy Christmas trees from Michele Made Me
twiggy Christmas trees from Michele Made Me

twiggy Christmas trees:ย Teeny twigs, painted or left natural, drilled and assembled with ribbon or wire, make these meta-tree ornaments from Michele Made Me.

painted popcorn garland: A plain white popcorn garland is a festive addition to an indoors or outdoors tree, but if you need a little more color to your holidays, then check out my tutorial, because I figured out how to dye it!

tree fork heart:ย Carve a simple wooden heart with wood carving tools (or a pocket knife!) and the fork of a fallen tree branch. Leave it natural, or stain the unfinished wood, and drill a hole for hanging, or glue on a ribbon.

glittered and wax-dipped pinecone ornaments:ย From The Magic Onions, these pinecone ornaments use the same wax-dipping technique that you utilize to make hand-dipped candles–so make a few of those, too, while you’ve got the beeswax melted! Or, if you like the idea of pinecones but not the idea of beeswax, try out paint-dipped pinecones.

stick stars:ย Made from fallen twigs, these tied stick stars (no glue needed) from dani_lou_who at Craftster can be made super-tiny for Christmas tree ornaments, or larger for a tree topper. beeswax leaves for a leaf mobile

beeswax leaves:ย If you have quite a collection of autumn leaves, preserve them now and hang beeswax leaves on your Christmas tree–their reds and yellows and oranges look very pretty contrasted with the green of the tree.

acorn bells:ย From This Cosy Life, these acorn bells are easy to make, and since you’re using only the acorn caps, not the acorns themselves, then you don’t have to worry about little critters living in your acorn project.

dehydrated orange slice ornament from One Part Sunshine
dehydrated orange slice ornament from One Part Sunshine

dehydrated orange slice ornament:ย One Part Sunshine shows that dehydrated orange slices make for lovely ornaments, as well as garlands.

borax snowflakes:ย Although you can’t exactly gather borax from the forest floor, it is a natural supply–and, as this tutorial from Delia Creates shows, it makes a GREAT snowflake! Borax can be a bit harsh for tiny fingers, though, but you can also make epsom salt snowflakes and sugar crystal snowflakes.

wire-wrapped natural objects:ย With her thorough tutorial on wire-wrapping beach glass, Gayle Bird Designs opens up the idea of wire-wrapping any number of natural objects to make simple, beautiful ornaments–river rocks, shells, driftwood, etc.

Have any more suggestions, tutorials, or links for Christmas ornaments made from natural materials? Include them in the Comments below!

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