Crafting a Green World’s Best of 2015

Best of Crafting Green: Best of 2015

What were my favorite posts of 2015?

Wood-burned building blocks! Kid-made weapons! A quote painted on a wall!!

But enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU.

Based on Crafting a Green World’s super scientifical Site Stats, here (in descending order) are your favorite posts of the year. Here’s our best of 2015!

10. Mother’s Day Crafts: Make a “Jar of Love” for Mom

DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Best of 2015

The nice thing about this Jar of Love is that it isn’t really just a Mother’s Day–or Father’s Day!–project. This gift would be such a treasured one by anyone, for any holiday, or even for no reason at all.

9. How to Make Glue with Natural Ingredients (5 Recipes!)Best of 2015

When you’ve got a kid who loves to create, then you need a kid-friendly glue, one that doesn’t contain a ton of preservatives or weird chemicals, and ideally one that’s food-grade, for those sticky fingers that always find their way into mouths. Here’s not just one recipe that fits the bill, but FIVE!

8. Beach Craft: Make a Sandy Handprint KeepsakeBest of 2015

Instead of hitting a tourist shop full of cheap, tacky, and imported junk, this project gives you a way to make a meaningful souvenir that combines hands-on fun with family bonding time.

7. Turn a Flat Sheet into a Fitted Sheet in Ten Minutes Flat

How to Turn a Flat Sheet into a Fitted Sheet FAST: Best of 2015

Fair warning: this tutorial doesn’t work for everybody. I’ve narrowed it down to the fact that some sheets aren’t “standard” sizes. So measure your flat sheet first, and THEN make yourself a new fitted sheet.

6. How to Refresh Black Clothing with Fabric Dye

Best of 2015

I’ve done jeans before using this method, but it really works the best, with the most satisfying results, with T-shirts.

5. 30 Awesome DIY Projects using Newspaper!Best of 2015

If you’re a newspaper reader like I am, then you know that those newspapers become both a trial and a tribulation. Recycle them for sure, but first, do these 50 crafty things with them!

4. 3 Natural Fabric Stiffeners to Make at Home

Best of Crafting Green: Best of 2015

There are a ton more uses for laundry starch than just making perfect shirt collars. Try one of these three recipes for a natural way to make your own fabric stiffener.

3. 40 DIY Projects to Create with Vintage Sheet MusicBest of 2015

There is a lot of old sheet music lying around. I’m not saying that you need to do your next decoupage project using some signed Gershwin manuscript or anything, but trust me, there is PLENTY of music that you CAN craft with.

2. DIY Crafts: 25 Ways to Recycle CDs and DVDsBest of 2015

I admit that I’m not seeing the huge numbers of scratched CDs and DVDs that I used to, but that doesn’t meant that there aren’t still so many about that you can’t make that amazing CD disco ball that you’ve been wanting. Go ahead and make it!

1. 50 DIY Toilet Paper Roll Crafts You Need to See!Best of Crafting Green: Best of 2015

Oh, my gosh, y’all! I never thought that toilet paper tubes would inspire so much controversy! Some of you think that they’re nasty, and I’m nasty to craft with them, and others of you think that those first people are just germaphobes. I don’t really know what to tell you, except that that’s my kid in the photo there with three toilet paper tubes plastered to her face, so there you go, I guess.

I can’t wait to see what will be our Best of 2015!

P.S. If you’re curious, here’s our Best of 2014.

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