Carnival of Green Crafts #4 is up at Whip Up!

carnival of green craftsThe fourth Carnival of Green Crafts is now posted at Whip Up, and it’s quite a diverse collection of links for all of us to enjoy!

I love seeing the submissions as they come in, especially when one post introduces me to a whole new blog I’ve never read before.Β  If you haven’t yet submitted something to the carnival, please do!Β  Even if you don’t have a full-fledged article or tutorial to share, or if all of your projects right now are UFOs (unfinished objects), we’d still love to get your “take” on this whole green crafting thing.Β  So here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Why and how are you trying to green your crafting? What specific issue, event, or person got you started thinking about the environment, or is it a lifelong passion?Β  How has your approach to green crafting changed over time?
  • Where are you stuck? What material or technique is definitely not green, but you can’t figure out a way around it?Β  Maybe another Carnival reader has an idea to share.Β  Or is it a lack of resources in your community – no recycling, shops don’t carry eco-friendly materials?
  • Running a craft business? What are the biggest challenges you face in trying to go green?Β  What are your successes?
  • What wild craftivism project are you dreaming about? Knitting a giant White House cozy to spark a dialogue about global warming?Β  Collages Across America to bring attention to local farming?Β  Tell us that’s going on in that crafty brain of yours!

So that’s our invitation to you, to help make this carnival a fun community event.Β  Send us your posts for the next carnival!

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