Bike Crafts for National Bike Month

DIY Bike Lane

A group of San Francisco cyclists were fed up with the bike un-friendliness on Oak Street, so they cut out a stencil, grabbed paint and rollers, and made their own bike lane.

To prevent cars from entering the lane we set up 2 baracades 20 feet down the road we borrowed from a construction site. The stencils are made of used highway banner material and the backing is a plastic mesh duct taped to the back to hold the stencil letters in place. We used outdoor latex wall paint that took 15-20 minutes to dry. 7am -7:30 Sunday morning.

Of course, Crafting a Green World doesn’t condone vandalism or doing anything illegal, but this was too interesting not to share!

Have you guys been doing any cool, bike-themed crafts? Share away in the comments!

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  1. I love the Bike Pant tutorial from Manmade DIY.Β  I can’t believe I spent 80.00 on board bike shorts so I didn’t have to wear bike shorts everywhere I rode.Β  I am definitely going to try making my own now.

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