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CONGRATULATIONS to Tina in Boston for winning our giveaway of Sewing Green! Be on the look out for an email from us for further details.

Thank you to everyone who entered. We here at CAGW have been rejuvenated and inspired by all of your upcycling ideas! Don’t forget your other chances to win this beautiful book, you can find out where to enter here.

I know you’ve waited with bated breath so here it is, your chance to win a copy of Sewing Green, the latest and greatest book by Betz White, author of Warm Fuzzies.

Sewing Green offers 25 cute projects made from repurposed or organic materials. Learn how to make aprons and wallets from dress shirts, and sandwich wraps, and lounge pants from organic and thrifted fabrics. The projects are are direct and easy to follow even for this crafter who likes to skip ahead and tweak things. I especially like the sandwich wrap project and the use of PUL – a material that is not vinyl and one that I need to look into more.

White’s favorite project from the book is the woodland draft buster, a much more refined version of the draft catcher that I created a while back. This version looks like an adorable tree branch that helps you save money on your heating bill. White wanted everything in the book to have a good purpose without being preachy. She wanted everything to be fun and easy and show that any one can do these projects and be eco-friendly. “You don’t have to suffer,” she said. “Suffering is not involved.”

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Sewing Green also contains great features and side bars that showcase the history of repurposing, tips on thrifting, and advise on how to avoid thrifting pits falls. There are also several interviews and highlights with eco innovators – people in the crafting world, textile industry and various repurposers.

For example there is a write up on Claire Morsmen and Moresbags, a non-profit group based in the U.K. Morsbags was created by Marsmen who was put off by the wastefulness of plastic bags. Morsmen gathers people together to created the bags and then distributes them free to unsuspecting people. A technique she calls “social guerrilla bagging.” It is a great example of how one person can make a difference and perfect for this book full of eco-consciousness.

White worked hard to add dimension to the book. As you can tell it’s not just a project book, it teaches and encourages green living and for us to think about waste and reuse in positive ways. But the best and most amazing thing about this book? Crafting a Green World is mentioned as an additional resource.

We here at CAGW are in awe and completely touched to know that we’ve grown up so much to be considered a good and solid green crafting resource. Thanks Betz.

So now that you REALLY want to win this book, how do you enter?

Leave a comment about your favorite upcycled project that you’ve made or are thinking of making.

I’ll draw a random winner on Friday April 17th, so check back here for the winner’s announcement. Directions on how the winner can claim their prize will be posted here. If you are the winner and you don’t claim your prize within one week of the drawing, you forfeit and the book will be re-drawn.

For other chances to win Sewing Green see a complete listing of all the contests right here on CAGW and over at STC Craft/Melanie Falick Books blog.

Good luck and happy upcycling!

121 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Sewing Green!”

  1. I’d really like to take some of my daughters baby clothes and also some vintage dresses and make a quilt.I guess I should learn how to make a quilt first but I love quilts and think it would be so pretty on my daughter’s bed.Please enter me for this giveaway.At a green fair last year my daughter’s made tote bags out of clothes people donated & it was so cool.I totally love that idea, but I’m not so good at coming up with ideas so having that book would be fantastic.Renee

  2. I really love to upcycle things. In fact most of the things I sew are from upcycled sweaters, or sheets or rescued vintage fabrics. Just this last Sunday I made a sweet little sweater for my daughter from an old pink cashmere sweater. Very cute!
    I am exited to see what projects she has for the PUL. I just had some custom made through a coop I am on. You can get your own fabric laminated on the front or the back.

  3. Last Christmas, I made two stockings out of clothes that had becomes too warn. The first was a rodeo-themed stocking out of old jeans and a felted sweater. Next, a fishing wader out of an old pair of green pants. I definitely enjoy upcycling and would enjoy this book!

  4. I have upcycled an accidentally felted sweater by making coffee cup sleeves out of 3 inch sections of the sleeves. I save paper by not using the one from the sleeve from the coffee shop.

  5. I’m thinking about making a few things. I want to make an apron from a pillowcase. I like the idea of making pincushions from plasic bottle caps and making jewelry from metal bottle caps.

  6. I take old clothes (especially jeans) and turn them into dog chew toys- the pups love them and if you use Upholstery thread, they are nearly indestructible!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  7. My favorite upcycled project so far is a quilt I made for my husband out of old flannel plaid shirts and one new (!) pair of corduroy pants. Yep, you read that right, he had put his new trousers in my sewing room to be hemmed, but I thought they were ones he was done with. He walked in one day to see me chopping them up with the rotary cutter. Oops! But he loves his soft cozy quilt.

  8. I am new at the upcycled thing but I am in the progress of making my son a quilt from old sweatersm shirts and sheets.

  9. I have plans to make a child’s baptismal gown out of the fabric from my wedding dress…too often those sit in boxes or on hangers in the back of the closet, and I’d like to put mine to good use! Also, the symbolism of my child wearing something made from when my husband and I got married is especially meaningful to me.
    Some other recycled items: grocery bags made from t-shirts. I’ve also spiced up baby onesies with appliques from scrap fabric or fabric from old clothes.

  10. Oh, I hope I win this!!! It’s one of my new interests, green sewing, repurposing, etc. So far the only thing I’ve done in that area is to make my own fabric produce bags (which I love) out of sheer curtains that I bought at the flea market. Ideas and inspiration for my next project would be great!

  11. I love the “soaker pants” I made for my daughter out of a thrifted wool sweater. She looks so cute in them (they are more capris than pants on her!) and they keep her a bit warmer on chilly nights.

  12. I love taking any old mens dress shirts and using them for fabric to make pretty much anything! quilts, placemats, even skirts! there is a great tutorial on threadbanger on how to turn mens dress shirts into super cute underwear!

  13. I love to use old wool sweaters – felt them – and make projects such as cupcake pincushions, brooches and whatever strikes my fancy. I also use old unwanted clothing and repurpose them into smaller quilts, pincushions and again, whatever strikes my fancy!! Fun to reuse and go green!!

  14. Oh, where to start? I have a huge stack of clothes that are waiting to be upcycled. They’re all too worn to be donated, but I haven’t found the right inspiration yet.

  15. I’ve been doing crafty upcycling crafts for a while now (jewellery from beer bottle tops, bead curtains from plastic bottles), but need some help in the sewing department. Fortunately my mom is a brilliant sewer, but she doesn’t get the whole upcycling thing. Hopefully with this book and my mom, I’ll finally be a green sewer too.

  16. I upcycle/ recycle all sorts of things for my artist teddy bears… old hankies into dresses, felted sweater in bear clothes, old mohair upholstery into the bears themselves. I used to turn old mink stoles into bears…but the “flying fur” got to me. I still make “Memory bears” out of a loved ones clothing…
    I think this book would have projects that would have me looking at upcycling in new ways!

  17. I felted a few old sweaters and made a purse and an iPod pouch, but I think my favorite was re-finishing some old dressers that my Husband got from his Grandmother. We made them look ultra modern and I am very proud to show them off. Oh and just a fun thing to do is make old T-shirts into shopping bags by cutting off the arms and the neck band and sewing the bottom closed.

  18. I felt thrifted sweaters: if they fit my daughter, she gets to wear them; when they don’t fit they get added to my craft pile (bag making and other Betz-inspired items). I also recently made my girl a pair of “modesty” shorts to wear under dresses at school–out of a worn t shirt of mine.

  19. I love trying to upcycle things into USEFUL craft projects (sure, teddy bears are cute, but how many do we really need?!) One that I’ve tried is making an apron out of an old pillow case. I love this project Because it uses the WHOLE pillowcase. However, I find that half aprons often aren’t that useful, so I’m going to try to make a full apron with the same idea, but out of 2 pillow cases!

  20. This Christmas, my mum brought me the quilt that I made when I was about 14. I used scraps from the big big bag that my mum used to have, and now and then, when I was feeling a bit tired, or poorly, and wanted to cuddle up, I’d get it down from my room and sit with my mum pointing out what scrap came from where: my mum’s summerdress from when we were in France, my grandmother’s apron, my own and my sisters’ nightdresses, etc. My mum would make a cup of tea, and somehow it always felt like a little sliver of time quite set apart from ordinary life. And guess what – I’m doing the same thing now, with my own children.. Feels quite special, that!

  21. I want to take some of my older clothes that I don’t wear anymore – but have nice patterns or designs – and make things like wallets and purses for birthday/Christmas gifts. I would love to learn how to make the reusable sandwich bag from this book, as well as all of the other projects.


  22. I once made a dress out of old AOL CDs collected from coworkers. I drilled holes in the CDs and linked them with jumprings. It was awesome!

  23. I’m using some vintage fabrics – floursack prints that my husband’s grandmother saved – and making napkins for our everyday use. I’d love to win this book!

  24. I upcycled an old table I found that had stains all over it by sanding and painting it with a cool black and white striped design. It is now the focal point of my dining room and everyone asks where I bought it!

  25. I am about to start making my patchwork wedding dress out of vintage silk saris 🙂 that is my new favourite project of all time I think. The saris came in the post today, so I am very excited!

  26. Great info about the book! Honestly, my favorite upcycled project was when I finally cut up the cotton sundress I wore to my HIGH SCHOOL graduation over ten years earlier. I cut the fabric into strips, and then knit it into a bathmat.

  27. On Saturday before Easter, I turned my husband’s old dress shirt into a shirt dress for my daughter. These dress shirt make-overs are all over the internet, but it’s so cute and my husband is so happy to see his shirt on his little girl.

  28. I’m not sure that this files into the category of upcycled but we had giant glass containers for punch at our wedding (four to be exact) and I just saw a project that uses something similar to make a succlent terranium. I can’t wait to get started!

  29. Wow, you’re right this isn’t just a pattern book. And that’s exactly what I thought it was. So glad to read your review, now I’m even more excited.

    I like to use up my yarn scraps for really messy looking scarves, and I plan on using up some fabric scraps and old greeting cards to make some new cards!

  30. I have made softies from my sons out-grown clothes and just finished a set of placemats made from my old curtains, I have a bag full of old clothes that are waiting for new projects.

  31. I’m in the process of making a yo-yo coverlet out of vintage scraps. It’s a work in progress (and likely will be for a long time). I try to pick up interesting fabrics from the thrift store whenever I’m there.

  32. I am collecting t-shirts from a summer camp I went to as a kid to make a quilt for the family lake cabin. The whole family has spent time there as well. I am re-porpoising some good-will sheet sets for the backing. I have also found that old towels make warm “batting” for the middle.

  33. One of my fav upcycle projects is also the simplest one I’ve ever done: I just decoupaged an old cookie tin with old wrapping paper…it now holds my cookie cutters and is really cute to boot! 🙂

  34. I’ve done quite a bit with felted sweaters. My favorite project is a pipe cozy! We have a large (around 9 ft long) hot water pipe running through our bedroom. I used to hate it, but now that it’s got a patchwork of wool, I love it!

  35. I recently made a little sundress for a friend’s daughter from a shirt I bought at Goodwill. It’s quite cute, and I can’t wait to give it to her.

    I would love to have this book to get more ideas for recycling.

  36. Right now I am showing my kids at the Boys and Girls Club how to make jewelry from old buttons (thank you Bust mag.), how to reuse old broken crayons by melting them down and poring them into IKEA ice tray molds and how to make yarn from plastic bags. We have a Go Green science fair coming up so we’ve been busy!

  37. I’m working my way through a stack of felted sweaters that I’m cutting into squares and puuting together into a blanket. Perhaps it will be done in time for next winter!!!

  38. As senior year comes to a close, I’ve come up with a very big collection of college brochures, viewbooks, and other literature! I can’t bear to see all of that quality paper simply tossed into recycling, so I’ve been using it to make bookmarks and greeting cards for my friends.

    There’s something truly beautiful about taking would-be trash and making into something you’ll never want to throw away!

  39. I very much want to make some reusable sandwich wraps for my family. Right now, we use ziplocs and wash/reuse them until they fall apart, but I prefer the durability of wraps.

  40. I love the quilt that I made out of my family’s old jeans. The little back pocket of the toddler jeans is my favorite part. I’m a big fan of recycled wool sweaters. I’ve made children’s sweaters, hats, scarf and I just made the bunny from Betz White’s blog. I’d like to work more with vintage sheets. I love the fun colors and the smooth, cool feeling of that fabric.

  41. My favourite was old thrifted flannel shirts that I used to make my husband a quilt for this birthday. I was a student at the time, and he was my boyfriend, and I was broke. That quilt is now over 10 years old and our children love it.

  42. I cut off the bottoms of a favorite pair of ripped jeans and made it into a miniskirt. This was back in high school (many many years ago) when I really had no idea what I was doing, but it turned out great so I was pretty proud of myself at the time!

  43. I like to take all of my bought as well as thrifted fabric scraps leftover from large projects and turn them into patchwork sheets that I can use for more large projects. While I love saving this material for small projects too, its nice to magically have enough fabric for a one of a kind skirt from what easily could be thrown away.

  44. I’m currently working on making a quilt out of t-shirts my son has grown out of. He loves them, and I love the designs. My next project is taking a skirt I never wear and making it into a tote bag.

    This book looks like it is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. There are two upcycling projects I would like to work on. Oh, wait, three! I have a lot of vintage floral tableclothes that I used for decorating my wedding reception. They all have similar colors and are in a variety of faded conditions. I’d like to make some of them into a quilt as a nice memory of my beautiful wedding reception.
    My husband is a volunteer firefighter and every time the department gets new t-shirts, we end up with three or four more he can’t wear anymore but we don’t want to donate to the thrift store as they are “official.” I want to take the little fire department logo section of the shirt and turn it into firefighter baby bibs, both for us and for other families on the department.
    I’d also like to use the t-shirt scraps from that project as well as various stained, ripped and otherwise rag worthy t-shirts and make them into a rug somehow. I’ve seen several tutorials on this, I just haven’t decided on the method I want to use yet.

  46. My all time favorite upcycling project was the old science lab bench that I turned into a kitchen island. But I am currently making a table for my back porch from a base I found on the side of a road and a bunch of bottle caps I had all my friends collect for me.

  47. My most recent upcycling adventure (I probably upcycle atleast one thing each week) was turning an old woolen jumper into a pair of longies for my duaghter. Woolen pants to wear to bed.

  48. I turned a cute $2 plaid dress in a size waaaaay too small into a funky apron. For waist ties I used the twill handles from a Bluefly shopping bag that had torn. I love upcycling! (Other projects have included handkerchiefs from an old men’s shirt in a cool funky print and a bunch of produce/bulk bags from a huge PB sheet that someone had a dreadful bleach accident with. But the apron is my current favorite.)

  49. I have a few upcycle favorites! I made little gnome ornaments this Christmas from little pine cones that I had found on the ground.
    I also am in the process of making a quilt from all of my Son’s old soccer jerseys, tournament tee shirts & sweatshirts, I am really excited about this project, it’s something that I’m sure he will have forever and pass on to his kids!
    We also love making the milk jug skeleton every Halloween, we make a new skeleton family member every year.

  50. I’ve been making yoga mat bags and purses out of my friend’s closet rejects. Coin purses are up next from some of her more adorned clothing!
    Man, I covet this book…

  51. I’m planning cutting up my husband’s worn out khakis and making myself a skirt. Will use the leftovers for a shopping tote. Can’t have too many!

  52. One of my favorite recycling project involved a thrifted sleeping bag. The outer fabric was ripped up and the inner lining was stained badly. But the stuffing was in pristine shape. I took apart the bag and used the stuffing in so many craft projects. I didn’t need to buy any stuff for over a year. It was great.

  53. I’m working on not chucking out anything if I haven’t upcycled it a few times first! I’ve done lots of fabric recycling already – teatowels into aprons, old flannel into bag or cosy linings and so on. Now I’m saving up my husband’s holey socks (he sure goes through them) and am going to stitch them together into a tube scarf.
    The book looks awesome – I’d so love a copy to help me recraft the world!

  54. I’m pretty new to upcycling as well, but am determined to find some more time to make and create some little treasures of my own. I’m always making envelopes from magazines and rescuing furniture from the rubbish tip for use at home. But my favourite project so far, was cutting down a work uniform, wool jumper into a vest that I embellished with buttons and lace. TO make something so pretty from something with such negative connotations was a true delight.

  55. My favorite upcycled item that I have made is a plastic tote out of plarn. Plastic grocery bags are cut into strips and tied together to make a plastic yarn. Then I crocheted this into an awesome tote. People always ask where I get it, and I tell them it is upcycled!

  56. One of my all-time favorites was actually my first– when I was in high school, my brother had gotten two pairs of baggy wale-less corduroy jeans. More of a velveteen texture than a corduroy one. He decided he didn’t want them anymore, so he gave one to a friend and one to me to do what we would with them. I turned them into a messenger bag, with a piece of webbing that my mom had around here for the strap and fabric leftover from the curtains she’d made from my bedroom for the lining. For years, that was my go-to bag for day trips, outdoor concerts, etc– it was the perfect size to hold all the necessities and a few extras like my camera. It’s finally at the point where it’s just too worn to safely use, but I still have the bag– I’d really like to take it apart and use it to make a pattern for a new one!

  57. I make purses using upcycled felted wool sweaters (some of which I have featured in my new blog). I have also made cell phone pockests and wristlets and plan on making tea and coffee cozies. The purses are all lined with thrifted remnants or clothes that are very datedor damaged. I plan on making aprons from some of those clothes and I have a few vintage tableclothes that really need to be called cutters so I love the skirt in Betz’s book.

  58. My favorite I’ve made was a last-minute holiday gift for my nephew. I took apart a really beat-up pair of brown leather mary janes and used the leather and some corduroy left over from a pair of pants I’d made into a skirt, and a little scrap of plaid to make him a wallet. My brother – his dad – wants one, too.

  59. Reusing old clothing that my relatives try to throw away is the constant upcycling project going on with me. The “felt the wool sweater then re-use the material for bags or stuffies” is a good one, but my favorite thing to do is take old t-shirts with holes everywhere, chop them up, and stitch them together to make patchwork t-shirts. Switching colours around is fun!

  60. I’ve made loads and loads of upcycled, recycled, reloved things over the years – it’s my absolutely favourite way to create. Something I haven’t done yet and am really excited to find the time to do, is make a t-shirt shopping bag. I have these awesome band tees that are too tattered to wear, I thought I’d double them up with some random t-shirt for strength.

    I LOVE this book, my friend has it and I would LOVE to have a copy too.

    Thanks, CAGW! xoxo

  61. I am working on a t shirt quilt with thrifted tie dyed t shirts with reverse appliqued peace signs. It makes me feel hopeful when I work on it.

  62. I received some clothing and scarves from my mom that belonged to my grandmother. I call them Grand-me-downs. 🙂 The items that aren’t so precious that I can’t bear to cut them up I will use in pillow cases or cozies around the house to have reminders of her.

  63. I made a dress this winter for my dd out of two thrifted wool sweaters….
    much like something from Hannah Andersson but much less pricey and better for the environment.

  64. My favorite upcycle projects so far are dishcloths that I make from layers of raggedy towels and the plastic netting bags that onions or fruit come in. I layer them up so that one side is toweling and the other side is netting, for the “scrubby effect”. I embroider cute stuff on the toweling side so they are pretty as well as useful. They always make me smile when I use them, which is always welcome at dish washing time!

  65. My favorite upcycling projects are ones using worn out and outgrown clothes. I’ve upcycled them into new clothes, bags, pillows, diapers, blankets, etc.

  66. I love reading your blog! I’d love to pass on my love of sewing/crafting to my daughter–with a new, green, spin!

  67. I made a travel pillow that looks like a U shaped weiner dog, made from a rainbow GAP sweater that was washed by accident. great for napping babes in car seats!

  68. i am excited about felting and repurposing them into a blanket/quilt. i also found some great tutorials on creating sweet little dresses out of a man’s button down shirt.

  69. My favorite thing that I make is little dolls made from old clothes. Really easy, and the babies in my family love them.

  70. splicing together a pair of cool, but a little too ripped (thus, scandalous) jeans from a shorter friend’s trash pile with a too-tight shirt from another friend’s goodwill pile for a pair of zip-cropped jeans that rival current offerings from bloomingdales and anthropologie =D basically, i took the shirt in a contrasting but not outlandish color and lined the jeans especially where the jeans ripping had gotten out of control, then harvested two jeans zippers from old and torn jeans for the zip crops at the calves.

  71. I just came across a few ideas for re-using old sewing patterns. I have stacks of them that I’ll never use again but can’t bear to pass on…..happy crafting!

  72. Out of love for vintage treasures and upcycling, I reclaim old shirts, jackets, and bags. Refashioning old shirts into cute dresses and tailored tees, my friend and I silkscreen our designs on them to give them new life. I am also currently working on relining bags and jackets with silkscreened patterns!

  73. I like taking apart old, falling apart jewelry and making new jewelry/adornments with it. I haven’t done many sewing projects yet, but am getting sewing lessons from my mom. My mom and I both enjoy recycling and reusing, so I’d love to pick out some projects from this book and work on them together.

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  75. My favorite upcycled project that I made was a tank top that I made out of a too-large Earth Day tee-shirt that actually had the wrong date on it… I need to get back to making more of those.

  76. My husband is a farmer and we periodically wind up with huge bunches of greens in our refrigerator. My aunt, instead of using paper towels to absorb extra water from bunches of greens or herbs, rolls them in old dish towels and then puts them into reused plastic bags, for storage in the fridge. Inspired by her idea, I am going to sew simple bags made out of old dish towels (you know– the ones too stained to hang in the kitchen) for storing veggies and greens. Just put two dish towels together, sew them together along three sides, and you’re done! If the lettuce in them gets funky, pop the bags in the wash, air dry (save money and electricity by not running the dryer) and reuse. Voila!

  77. I made a superhero cape and mask for my nephew out of two thrift-store pillowcases, with fabric from an old t-shirt. He loves it! Whenever we talk on the phone or someone mentions “Auntie Chris” to him, he runs to the toy box, pulls out the cape, and starts running around the house wearing it.

  78. I love paper upcycling. There are so many possibilities to use paper. And the used paper is so much more interesting.
    And I also like any kind of fabric upcycling..

    I’d like to quit my studies and do nothing but upcycling… 😉

  79. I love upcycling clothing – I’ve done a lot of sweater-to-cardigan transformations, but my favorite project has probably been turning an old men’s corduroy shirt into a pretty little shoulder cape. So fun!

  80. actually i am thinking of taking a pair of old levi jeans and making a half apron (ties at the waist) with the top part blue jeans front and a gingham or vintage material flounce and ties. Still thinking how best to do this.

  81. I would love to win a copy of this book. So many great ideas & inspirations to get you recycling & crafting.

  82. Recycled “beer bangles.” I used the large plastic rings that loose cloth scarves are sold hanging onto. I peeled off beer labels (they slide right off if they have been in a cooler) and cut around the best graphics and wrapped/twisted them around the rings. Coated w/mod podge. Very cool bangles stacked on and great conversation pieces. BTW came up with St Patricks Eve. Fun. Forget drinking games – try drinking crafts. Just watch the scissors. Also made some “sweet” candy bangles using peppermint patty labels.

  83. My next project is to make a duvet cover out of upcycled fabrics. My husband and I served 18 months in Afghanistan, and I have several scarves, shawls, tablecloths, and tunics that we acquired there but have since been torn, stained, or otherwise rendered unusable. Rather than throwing them out, I’m going to turn them into patchwork squares and make a duvet cover for our bed, so we can continue to enjoy the fabrics and the memories attached to them!

  84. I would like to make some sturdy shopping bags from recycled fabric, and (more creative) a quilt using old and thrifted wool sweaters. And also, if I had this book, some pretty things for the kitchen.

  85. I have a lot of ideas for upcycling. I have been collecting the rope handles off of gift bags and shopping bags and jars and metal lids and old pants and flannel baby blankets and baby food jars and many more items. What I want to do first is take my daughter’s baby blankets and clothes and make some fabric photo albums. Maybe if I win the book, I’ll get more motivated to actually do some of the projects.

  86. I have 2 boys in diapers and we go through a lot of cardboard diaper boxes…I recently made a robot costume out of one of the diaper boxes and I’m looking into making some fabric covered storage bins out of the others…Would love to get some more ideas on upcycling and this book sounds sooo neat!

  87. Maddie Blasberg

    I have a friend that made a skirt out of her dad’s old ties and ties that she bought second hand. It’s so beautiful and one of a kind, and the best part is that it serves as a memory of her dad.

  88. Ohhh I have a lot of backed-up projects, but one that’s been sitting the longest is:

    My younger brother’s HUGE collared shirts. I intend to make them into shirt dresses for myself 🙂

    *crosses fingers

  89. I make cute hats out of wool sweaters that accidentally became felted in the laundry.

    And a project I’m thinking about doing is using old book covers to make new books – journals, agendas, etc.

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