10 Upcycled Plastic Grocery Bag Crafts

plastic bag crafts

Got a stash of plastic bags that you can’t bear to toss? Try some of these plastic grocery bag crafts to give them a new life instead!

Oh, plastic grocery bags! No matter how I try, you seem to make your way into my life. I’m not always entirely clear where you come from. I bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store and stash purchases at the drug store in my purse rather than taking a plastic bag, but here you are. Filling up the bag holder in my kitchen.

Single use bags – like plastic grocery bags – are terrible for the environment. Not only are they a petroleum product, which means drilling for more oil to make them, but they aren’t recyclable and take centuries to decompose in our landfills. The biggest problem with plastic bags though, in my opinion, is their effect on our oceans. Those landfill-bound bags often blow off of trucks and barges where they pollute our oceans. They form huge gyres of plastic trash in the oceans which displace wildlife and destroy those fragile ecosystems, and animals often make the deadly mistake of thinking that they are food.

Ready to get crafty with some plastic bags? Click here for our list of plastic bag projects!

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