Create Time Capsules with Wine Bottles

Do you have some beautiful empty wine bottles lying around, perhaps as a memento from a special occasion,Β that you don’t really want to alter but are just taking up space?

I have a solution for you- make a wine bottle time capsule.

It’s easy to do- you just need a clean, dry wine bottle, a cork or something else to seal the top and some small items to place inside the bottle such as photos, a piece of paper with something memorable written on it, ticket stubs, a napkin, a small piece of jewelry, a pebble, some sand, anything that reminds you of a certain special day or a time in your life.

If the bottle was from your wedding day consider adding some ribbon from a gift, a scrap of wrapping paper, one of your invitations, a photo from the wedding, a copy of your vows, other decor or mementos from the big day (like a small favor, a personalized napkin, the penny or sixpence worn in the bride’s shoe, a piece of the aisle runner, anything that will fit in the bottle, except anything perishable).

If the bottle was from a vacation you could put in photos, fliers, ticket stubs and other small items from the vacation. If you are tech savvy you could add a thumb drive or memory card full of photos or digital scrapbook pages.

Once you have everything in your bottle seal it up and put it away. You could add a tag that says “do not open until…” For a wedding bottle maybe open it on your 10th or even your 20th anniversary. For a family vacation maybe open 5 or 10 years after the kiddies head off to college. You can stash the bottle away in a secret place or place it on a shelf as a pretty decoration.

Creating a time capsule within a bottle is a fun and simple way to reuse a special or pretty bottle you’ve been saving.

No tools are needed- just gather your memories and put them in the bottle- put the bottle in a safe place then open years from now to take a trip down memory lane.

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