30 Glass Bottle Crafts

30 Glass Bottle Crafts

30 Glass Bottle Crafts

Glass bottles, whether they held your spaghetti sauce yesterday (here’s how to get the label off) or a Coca-Cola fifty years ago (here’s how to make it look shiny and new!), make excellent craft supplies. Here are 30 projects that you can make, all starting with a glass bottle:

1. apothecary jarIt has a vintage look.

2. beach in a bottleMake a memory!

Spotted: DIY Bird Feeder from a Glass Soda Bottle3. bird feeder. Feed the birds in style with this feeder made from a vintage glass bottle.

4. bottle treeIt’s a VERY interesting garden decoration! For even more colorful glass bottles, check out the tutorial for staining them below.

5. candle holderIt’s the art on these bottles that really makes this project pop.

6. candle shelterUse this outside, and the wind won’t blow out your candle!

7. chandelierThis is a great first project for learning wiring.

8. decorative jarThe knob on top is really cute!

9. drinking glassYou don’t need a bottle cutter to cut a bottle.

10. Frankenstein’s monsterHe’s a cute Halloween decoration!

11. hummingbird feederFeed these special birds their special sauce in style.

12. lamp. This lamp is made from a wine bottle.

13. lit bottleThis method puts a string of twinkle lights inside the bottle. It’s beautiful!

14. luminaryAdd tissue paper and a tea light, and enjoy your beautiful lantern.

message in a bottle party invitation (5 of 5)15. message in a bottleThese make really cute invitations for a pirate-themed birthday party.

16. oil lampYou won’t find a prettier one.

17. planter box centerpieceThis project even includes instructions for making the planter box!

18. ringCut a bottle into these perfect rings, and then make them into medallions.

19. salt and pepper shakersProbably the easiest project EVER.

20. Santa ClausRed paint and paper are all you’ll need.

21. soap dispenserThis tutorial also teaches you how to etch a glass bottle, which is a handy skill.

22. solar chargerA glass bottle is the case for this project!

23. spray bottlePlastic doesn’t even have to touch your cleaning supplies.

24. stained bottles. This method of dyeing clear glass bottles is waterproof.

25. tiki torchThese are a must-have for any outdoor party.

26. time capsuleA glass bottle is the perfect choice for keeping your treasures in perfect condition.

27. vaseThis project also shows you how to add designs to your bottles. The secret? Contact paper!

28. wallYou’ll need a diamond drill bit. Oh, and some rebar.

29. wall vaseYou’ll always know where your vase is!

30. wind chimeTinkling glass makes the prettiest sound.

[bird feeder image via Birds and Blooms]

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