25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

Got a stash of wine corks in a kitchen drawer?Β Whether you’ve got a few corks or a huge bag of them, we’ve got wine cork projects for everyone.

Red, white, rosΓ©. No matter what sort of wine you like to drink tossing those corks in the trash feels wrong somehow, doesn’t it? Wine corks are sturdy, and they have an elegance that begs to be conserved. Try some of the wine cork projects below to bust your stash of corks!25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

1. Pirate Ships – Ahoy, matey! Turn a handful of corks into a set of miniature ships to decorate a pirate-themed tablescape.

2. Bath Mat – Got 175 corks? Make yourself a cork bath mat!

3. Wall Art – Turn a couple dozen corks into lettered wall art.

4. Miniature Succulent Planters – What is it about mini versions of things? This cute craft uses one cork per planter, so it’s super scalable.

5. Earrings – You don’t even need a whole cork to create a cute pair of stud earrings.

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

6. Earring Backings – You can even make your own earring backings from the rest of that cork you used to make the earrings!

7. Miniature Stamps – Carve up your corks to create tiny stamps. One cork makes one stamp.

8. Cork Floors – These aren’t like the cork floors you buy prefab at the home improvement store. This project takes a lot of corks. A LOT. Ask your friends to start saving corks for you!

9. Sculpture – How sweet is this giraffe sculpture made from corks? You’ll need a few dozen corks at least, so start saving up if your stash isn’t very big yet.

10. Glass Markers – So meta. You can make a few glass markers out of one cork, so for a set of 6-8, you probably only need two corks.

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

11. DIY Plant Markers – Add a little personality to your garden with hand-lettered cork plant markers. You only need one cork to make each plant marker.

12. Place Card Holder – More wine cork tablescape goodness. Each place holder takes one cork, so you’ll need as many corks as you have guests.

13. Thumbtacks – I love how this project plays on the stained part of the cork. You can get two thumbtacks out of one cork, so make a bunch!

14. Monogram – Reclaimed cardboard is the base for this wine cork typography art. This project uses around 100 corks, from what I can tell.

15. Pendants – You can get around six pendants from a single cork, so this is a good project for the occasional wine-drinker. Or someone who used her whole wine stash on one of the bigger projects on this list.

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

16. Wine Cork Mulch – Got a lot of corks handy? Turn them into mulch for a potted plant.

17. How to Cut a Wine Cork – A lot of the projects on this list use slices of cork, and this is a cool technique for getting nice, even slices using a surprising tool.

18. Serving Tray – Serve hot or room-temperature dishes on your wine cork tray. You’ll need around 190 corks to make this large tray, but a smaller tray will need fewer corks.

19. Trivet – Got 31 corks? Make a cool custom-colored trivet.

20. Round Coasters – I love the finished look of these wine cork coasters! Even better? They’re simple to make without requiring a ton of corks.

25 Wine Cork Projects to Bust Your Stash

21. Magnets – One wine cork makes two of these sweet, simple magnets.

22. Jewelry Organizer – You just need a handful of corks and an old picture frame to make this sweet jewelery wrangling project.

23. Ombre Heart – This is another project that plays on the stained part of the cork. You need about 100 corks for this pretty piece of wall art.

24. Chandelier – Depending on how big you want this statement piece to be, you need 60-100 corks. But all of that collecting is so worth it to make this gorgeous light fixture!

25. Cool Grips for Metal Pot Handles – Metal lids get too hot to hold, but you can nestle corks underneath the lid to create a cool spot to grip. This is a clever way to use corks, and it only takes a handful for each pot.

Do you have any favorite wine cork projects? Let’s keep the cork inspiration going in the comments!

Image Credit: Wine Glass Ring via Shutterstock

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