How To: Wine Cork Magnets

How To: Wine Cork Magnets

As I shared in the Wine Corks to Wall Art post, I was given a large bag of wine corks to craft with. I still had a ton left over after making that wall art, though. These wine are super simple to make, so start collecting your corks, and get crafty!

How To: Wine Cork Magnets

What You Will Need:

1. Wine corks

2. Magnets. You could even recycle your old magnets instead of buying new ones.

3. Hot glue/hot glue gun

4. Serrated knife or other cutting utensil

How To Do It:

1. Cut your wine corks in half. I used a serrated knife, but it took a lot of effort for it to cut the cork. If you have a sharper utensil, I would use it– just be careful!

How To: Wine Cork Magnets

2. Hot glue your magnet to the back of the wine cork.

How To: Wine Cork Magnets

Once the hot glue dries, your magnet is ready to be used! The cork magnets look incredibly cute next to the paint chip magnets and the fridge frame magnets that I’ve made before! If you’re looking for even more wine cork ideas, be sure to check out Sustainablog’s 8+ Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks post!

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