20 DIY Kids’ Art Supplies

20 DIY Kids' Art Supplies

20 DIY Kids' Art Supplies

Kids LOVE to do arts and crafts and sensory activities of all sorts, and when you can make the supplies yourself (usually for a lot cheaper than you can buy them!), it’s easy to indulge your miniature Cassatts and Rembrandts.

Check out these tutorials for tons of DIY art supplies that your kids are going to enjoy creating with:

1. Chalk. Make your own sidewalk chalk!

cinnamon dough ornaments (1 of 4)
cinnamon dough

2. Cinnamon doughBake this delicious-smelling play dough, and it will keep nearly forever.

3. Cloud doughYou may substitute any oil that you’re comfortable with for the baby oil called for in this recipe.

4. Colored cornThese dyed corn kernels are great for both art projects and sensory play.

5. Crayons. Use old crayon bits to make new ones in fun new shapes.

6. Drawing doughThe three-dimensionality of this paint will be a whole new experience for kids.

dyed pasta
dyed pasta

7. Dyed dried pastaMake those dried pasta mosaics vibrate with color!

8. Edible play dough. These chocolate and peanut play dough recipes are really delicious!

9. Glitter glueEasiest thing in the world! Your kids will love it.

10. GlueYou don’t have to worry about the kids wasting the glue (and oh, they will WASTE the glue!) when it’s this easy to make.

11. Glue paintGlue and paint want to be best friends. Won’t you play matchmaker for them?

12. Liquid watercolorsMake these from dried-out markers, another gold star kid’s art supply.

modeling beeswax tutorial (2 of 2)
modeling beeswax

13. Modeling beeswaxIt’s like clay, but can be re-used over and over.

14. Moon sand. This moon sand has only two ingredients, and you can eat it! (Don’t eat it.)

15. Mud paintBring the outdoors indoors! Or, you know, stay outdoors. Whatever…

16. Play dough. Play dough still warm from the stove is one of my favorite craft supplies.

17. Rainbow Epsom salts. A great sensory toy, these dyed Epsom salts are also shiny!

18. Soap fingerpaintKids can get crafty even in the bath!

19. Scupltable bread doughYou can sculpt with this bread dough, and then eat your creations still warm from the oven.

20. Wikki Stix. Make your own bendy yarn using natural ingredients.

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