How To: Create an Altered Journal

How To: Create an Altered Journal

A fabulous Repurposed Book as Sketchbook tutorial by Livividli Lifestyle Blog was linked up to our Green Crafts Showcase this month. I was so inspired by it that it will not only be featured tomorrow as one of the top 5 projects, but I wanted to create my own version. Instead of a sketchbook, I repurposed my book into a journal.

What You Will Need:

1. An old book. You can easily find these at garage sales or thrift stores.

2. Crayons or any other items to decorate your journal.

How To Do It:

1. Decide what the purpose of your journal will be. Here are some ideas:

    • a travel journal
    • a place for quotes or poetry

How To: Create an Altered Journal

    • a scrapbook (almost like a smashbook!)
    • a sketchbook like Livividli Lifestyle Blog
    • write down creative project ideas– I always have a journal in my purse for when ideas pop in my head!
    • an everyday journal

How To: Create an Altered Journal

2. Go for it! The great thing about this project is that there aren’t any guidelines or rules. Envision what you want for your journal and then put it on paper.

3. Optional: Decorate the outside of the book. You can easily glue recycled paper to the outside of your book to cover it and make your own “title.” I didn’t decorate the outside of mine because I like that it’s “incognito.”

What do I do with mine? I like to write different quotes from Pinterest that inspire me, ideas for projects, and everyday journal entries. As Laura from Livividli said, I love the layered look of the words underneath and the surprise aspect of someone opening the book and finding something different.

What kind of journal would you create? Share your ideas below or on our Facebook page. Oh, and be sure to stop by tomorrow for the rest of May’s Green Crafts Showcase features!

3 thoughts on “How To: Create an Altered Journal”

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  2. This is amazing!!! I’ve tried to make altered books before, with zero success. I never really thought to just write/paste over the content; I’ve always gone way overboard and tried to remove pages, glue them together, etc. I feel dumb, lol. My three year old and I are going to get started on this project today. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi! I’m a high school student from the Pacific Ocean. I signed up for this Craft Newsletter and I just love the Daily things that are shown. Especially this one. I’m a journal person and I have done many journal but this is very inspiring and I shall make one NOW ! because it seems so fun and the idea of making it just thrills me. I can’t wait to show it to my friends and see the “WOW” look on their faces. Thanks ! This is really nice.

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