Make an Easy Hanging Planter from a Pegboard

Make an Easy Hanging Planter

Got an old pegboard lying around? Here’s how to turn it into an easy hanging planter.

Got an old pegboard lying around? Here's how to turn it into an easy hanging planter.

I’ve been making some of the planters from my hanging planter round-up over the past few weeks (how many houseplants is it possible for one person to have? Ummm… a LOT), but a couple of weeks ago, I suddenly decided that cute was cute and all, but honestly, I just needed to get all of these freaking plants OFF of my counters.

I mean, I’ve got magazines and cereal boxes and vintage glass bottles scrounged from the old dump behind my house to sit on my counters! I have no more room for more plants!

As I often do when I have an idea of what I want to build but no specific plans, I took a turn around my property to see what I could scrounge. The answer came to me in a piece of pegboard, used a couple of years ago by my kid to make a Plinko game for her History of Video Games unit (you can see part of it in the background here), but not used since.

Why did we move it to our new house? I have no idea, other than for it to someday become the bottoms of a set of easy hanging planters!

The construction of these planters is super easy. All you need are two long pieces of twine or cording that will fit through the holes in the pegboard, the pegboard itself, and a saw to cut it.

I have a jigsaw, so I planned a circular bottom and used the bottom dish of each plant as a template. If you don’t have a jigsaw, you’ll likely find a square bottom the easiest to cut–just measure the diameter of the bottom of your plant pot, and make that the length of each side of the square.

Easy Hanging Planter

Now, simply cut two long pieces of cording, each the exact same length, and rotate your pegboard until you find the holes that are best lined up along both the center horizontal line and the center vertical line. Thread one end of each cord up through the two horizontal holes, and the other up through the two vertical holes. Even up the ends, and tie them off at the top.

To hang this planter, I set a hook into the ceiling, then tied the combined cording around that hook so that the planter was hanging at the height that I wanted. I put a bit of DAP Rapid Fuse (my all-time favorite super glue) on the knot, put the plant on the pegboard, then carefully adjusted the way that the pegboard sat on the cording until the plant hung straight.

Seen from below, the pegboard isn’t the cutest, so keep that in mind if you’re thinking of hanging your plants high, but seen at eye level, I actually really like the planter’s low profile, keeping the focus on the lovely plant. You also need to make sure that your ceiling hook is sufficient to support the plant, as I can attest from having to clean up sand and pottery shards from all over my kids’ room after the ceiling hook supporting the cactus that I’d hung in front of their window pulled out. That was NOT fun.

If you just need a quick-and-dirty plant hanger to get your lovely plants up in front of your windows and off your cluttered counters, however? Well, go check your garage for pegboard, because this planter is the quickest!

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