12 Christmas Table Runners That You Can Sew This Season

A Christmas table runner is an easy way to make your holiday table look a lot more festive, and if you stick to natural fabrics, especially stash or upcycled ones, it’s an eco-friendly way, too!


So skip the store-bought polyester fabric table runners, and instead dig through your fabric stash, dust off your sewing machine, and check out the following list for your new favorite Christmas table runner:

1. Repurposed Table Runner The table runner in this tutorial is made from an old bed sheet, but any whole cloth fabric would look nice if you don’t see any appropriate sheets in the thrift stores.

2. Candy Stripe Table Runner The white fabric interspersed with the patterned fabrics in this table runner keeps the table runner looking clean and lovely instead of chaotic.

3. Christmas Cheer Tree Table Runner With its centerpiece of evergreen trees, this table runner will look nice all winter, not just at Christmas-time!

4. Holly Table Runner If you want a table runner that has some specifically Christmassy images, check out this one, which has holly leaves and berries on each end. The use of rick-rack makes it really quick to sew!

5. Holiday In The Pines Table Runner I love that this table runner is not overtly Christmassy. If you live somewhere well-forested, this could easily be the table runner that you have out all year!

6. Ornaments Table Runner If you need a lot of visuals in your tutorials, you’ll love this step-by-step video tutorial that shows you how to make a table runner bedecked with sewn ornaments.

 photo season4_episode7_9.jpg
7. Quilted Christmas Table Runner I love the simplicity of this table runner, which also makes it a terrific first project for a beginner. Even the quilting is easy to do here!

8. Strip-Pieced Table Runner Here’s another super-easy table runner to make, although including the optional embellishments will fancy it up tremendously.

9. Scrap Fabric Table Runner If you don’t need to rely on a specific pattern, this table runner tutorial lets you use any appropriate scrap fabric. Combine stash Christmas prints with red, green, and white fabrics.

10. Striped Christmas Table Runner Here’s another striped Christmas table runner (pro tip: fabric strips are sooooo easy to use to sew a table runner!), but the sewn frame around the stripes gives it a very different look.

11. Twisted Pole Table Runner Red and green fabrics would look seasonally appropriate, but red and white fabric would look exactly like a candy cane!

12. In From The Cold Table Runner This pattern might look familiar because I featured the quilt version in my Christmas quilt round-up last week. If you’re looking for a matching set of winter decor, or a really terrific handmade gift, you can actually sew not just a matching quilt and table runner from this pattern, but also place mats and napkins!

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