10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

7. Jewelry Display Frames by Cat on a Limb

Didn’t Catherine from Cat on a Limb choose the perfect color for these frames? As I stated in yesterday’s post, Old Frame + Scarf = Masterpiece, there are so many uses for old frames. Here, Catherine took one empty frame and added hooks for her necklaces. In the other two frames, she added spring twine to hold her earrings and bracelets. They’re so cute and colorful!

8. Shutter Necklace Holder by Johnny In A Dress

Natalie from Johnny In a Dress took a shutter that her neighbor threw away and gave it a complete makeover! Now, her adorable green shutter holds all of her necklaces. This is such a shabby chic way to display your jewelry!

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[Image credit: Jewelry Display Frames by Cat on a Limb, used with permission]

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  1. Also if you don’t have a chocolate box on hand, I just tried using an ice cube tray and it works perfectly! (It works best for big chunky rings, smaller rings..not so much)

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