10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

3. Upycled Jar Hair Station by Nefotlak

Nefotlak took a piece of wood, upcycled jars, fabric, and various knobs to make a really adorable hair station. In each of the jars she has her child’s hair accessories– one for bobby pins, one for ribbons, etc. As a person who constantly loses bobby pins, I really appreciate this project!

10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

4. Headband Storage by Plucky Momo

This is another amazing hair accessory storage solution from Emilie at Plucky Momo. Emilie took an old oatmeal canister and covered it in scrapbook paper to make this adorable headband storage. To make this project even more eco-friendly, you could use fabric instead of scrapbook paper. You could also check out some of our eco-friendly scrapbook paper posts like the Green Stack Collection, Eco-Friendly Recycled Scrapbook Paper, and Recycled Kraft Paper for Scrapbooking.

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[Image credits in order of appearance:Upycled Jar Hair Station by Nefotlak, used with permission;Β Headband Storage by Plucky Momo, used with permission]

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  1. Also if you don’t have a chocolate box on hand, I just tried using an ice cube tray and it works perfectly! (It works best for big chunky rings, smaller rings..not so much)

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