10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

5. Tea Cup Storage by Live Creating Yourself

I don’t know what it is about tea cups, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this picture. Maybe it’s that vintage feel they have, their elegance, or the fact that I feel like beautiful tea cups like these tell a story? Whatever it is, I adore this idea from Live Creating Yourself. Find old and colorful tea cups from your local thrift store or at garage sales to display all of your accessories in a really fun way!

6. Egg Carton Organizer by Disdressed

I’ve already mentioned this project in an organizing post, but I couldn’t help but mentioning it again. Disdressed shows us how to use an average egg carton as a way to organize small items. In the organizing post, the picture displays small office supplies in it, but you could put rings and earrings in each egg cup as well.

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[Image credit: Tea Cup Storage by Live Creating Yourself, used with permission]

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  1. Also if you don’t have a chocolate box on hand, I just tried using an ice cube tray and it works perfectly! (It works best for big chunky rings, smaller rings..not so much)

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