Old Frame + Scarf = A Masterpiece

DIY Scarf Wall Art

A long time ago, I found this ugly picture frame at a garage sale for $3.00.

DIY Scarf Wall Art

I used it for another project and spray painted it silver. Since then, though, I’ve changed things around and have had the frame in the back of my closet. Then, my amazing friend Erin went to Amsterdam and brought back a beautiful scarf for me. I can’t make myself wear it — not because I don’t love it, but I’m so afraid of ruining it. After seeing this project from House and Home that upcycles old handkerchiefs into wall art, I thought, “Hey… I could do that with my scarf and old frame!”

What You Will Need:

1. A picture frame. Look for ones at your local thrift store or at garage sales! There’s no reason to buy a new one when you can upcycle an old one!

2. Spray paint. You will only need spray paint if you decide to spray paint your frame. If you can, use a low VOC spray paint— it’s more eco-friendly!

3. Something to attach your scarf to your frame. I used tape, but you could use tacks or staples.

4. A beautiful scarf or handkerchief.

How to Do It:

1. Spray paint your frame. This is how my frame looked after I spray painted it:

DIY Scarf Wall Art

2. Once your frame is dry, turn it over. Attach your scarf to your frame. If there is an image on your scarf (mine had a peacock) make sure you center it within your frame. If you use a frame that still has the glass/backing with it, you can just insert it in like a normal picture. However, mine didn’t have that, so I taped it to the back of the frame. I taped it instead of stapling it because I didn’t want it to damage the scarf. Here is how I taped it:

DIY Scarf Wall Art

I just taped my way around the frame, making sure that the scarf was pulled tightly on each side. (Side Note: make sure you get the wrinkles out of your scarf before you put it on your frame.)

3. Add a picture hanging mount to the back of frame, if you need one. Mine looks like this:

DIY Scarf Wall Art

Find the middle of your frame, and then nail it onto the frame. Now it is ready to hang up! Here it is all finished:

DIY Scarf Wall Art

I love how the silver sequins from the scarf match the silver frame! Do you have a favorite scarf or handkerchief that you could use as wall art? I would love to see it– share a picture of it on our facebook wall or share a link to it in the comment section below!

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