10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

10 Repurposed Accessory Storage Ideas

I love accessories (jewelry, hair pins, headbands, etc.) and I have a lot of great pieces, but I don’t like my accessory storage: a cloth bag. Earrings get lost, necklaces get tangled, the headbands are always in the way, and I forget what pieces I have in the first place. What about you? Have you made our DIY Crochet Lace Necklace, our Vegan Jewelry, or our 5 Minute Headband and now you just need something to display your creations? Well, this week I decided it would be a great time to find some solutions for all of our beautiful jewelry. The following are 10 incredible projects that were created to showcase and organize our jewelry collections and are made with repurposed items!

1. Chocolate Box Ring Holder by Storage Geek

As you all know from my Chocolate Heart Box Wall Art post, I love the idea of repurposing chocolate boxes. If you still have chocolate boxes from Valentine’s Day, make your own ring holder! The chocolate box will look adorable on your dresser or it can fit perfectly in a drawer.

2. Bottles for Bracelets by Et Cetera e Casa

The website this is linked to is in another language, but this idea is just too cute not to feature! I like the rustic feel of the box with the bottles inside too. You could even place your bottles on your dresser or nightstand instead of hanging them up on the wall.

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  1. Also if you don’t have a chocolate box on hand, I just tried using an ice cube tray and it works perfectly! (It works best for big chunky rings, smaller rings..not so much)

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