5 Eco-Friendly Organizing Projects

eco-friendly organizing

Even though Christmas isn’t here yet, I’m already thinking about my goals for the New Year! If you’re anything like me, the New Year motivates me to get organized and generally deep clean my life (room, car, closet, etc). With organization on the brain, I want to share 5 incredible projects that will inspire you to get organized in 2012! Not only are these projects great for organizing, but they upcycle items you probably have around your home!

1. Egg Carton Organizer by Disdressed

Leisl over at DisdressedΒ gave this large egg carton a new and useful life on her studio desk. Egg cartons are the perfect way to organize your jewelry, the little items from your desk (like paper clips, thumb tacks, etc), or craft supplies like buttons or beads. I love the natural and simplistic look of the egg carton as well. Also, because of it’s lightweight qualities, you can easily take it where you need it. If you have a project that’s in another location, just grab it and go! If you’re looking for more desk organization, click to our next project using paint cans!

Next>>Paint Cans Turned Organizer by Better Homes and Gardens

[Photo via Disdressed, used with permission]

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