Yearn Worthy Yarn: Fox Fiber

Organic Cotton Bulky Yarn Sally Fox started growing colored cotton in the 1980’s. Concerned about the mass quantities of pesticides used in cotton growing, Fox researched different cotton breeds that were naturally resistant to pests and developed those breeds that were easily spun into yarn.

Over the years she has developed these plants and now produces green, brown, buffalo brown and white organic cotton. While it takes about 10 years to develop a color, Fox continues to experiment and tries to find new hues for her organic cotton. She says that by working at it year after year, eventually you come up with a plant that has a good color that is also suitable for spinning.

All of Fox Fiber yarns are certified organic and the cotton is available in cones or skeins and available in a variety of textures including boucle, chenille, bulky and crepe. As previously noted here on Yearn Worthy Yarn, I am a sucker for bulky yarns and Fox Fiber’s bulky comes in wonderful blends of the green, brown, and white cotton.

Fox has directions on how to color set her organic cotton, instructing customers on boiling times that will create a deeper darker color or lighter color, depending on your preference. She also has organic wool, including fleeces for sale, but the highlight of this line is the naturally colored cotton.

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[Image Credit: Fox Fiber]

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