Fabulous Fabrics: Organic Cotton Flannel From Hemp Traders

organic cotton flannel plaid fabricSo there I was, looking through the HempTraders website.  Ah yes, I said to myself, they have all kinds of hemp and hemp blends.  Hemp knits, hemp stretch fabrics, hemp linen and muslin, hemp canvas, and even hemp / silk blends and satins.  They have hemp upholstery fabric too.

Some of the fabrics are as low as $7.25 per yard, some as high as $20, and as I’ve come to expect with hemp, I’m seeing mostly solid colors.  HempTraders has a wider variety of fabrics all in one place than some of the other online shops I’ve covered, and the photographs of the fabrics are exceedingly clear.

“But what’s a specialty weave?” I thought, and clicked on that link.

Now I am obsessed with the idea of sewing up little boy pajamas.

At $9 per yard for a 51″ wide fabric, the warm and fuzzy goodness of this organic cotton plaid flannel fabric cannot be denied.  It’s apparently the first 100% organic cotton fabric that HempTraders has sold, and I think they made an excellent choice.

I’m also eyeing the hemp/organic cotton blend lightweight muslin for quilting project, such as strip-pieced or foundation pieced blocks sewn onto a muslin foundation.  I’ve often thought of just using old sheets for something like this if I do it for myself, but if I’m making a project for someone else I get skittish about recycling fabrics (ingrained consumer culture?  fear of rejection?  I don’t know).  At $7.50 per yard for 57″ wide pieced of this muslin, it might be a more workable choice.

For these two, hemp basics, or other eco-friendly fabrics, check out HempTraders.

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Written by Skye Kilaen

Skye Kilaen began sewing at an early age and eco-rabble-rousing shortly after that. Many years later, someone finally told her that there are books about how to make quilts. Life was never the same. In fact, she spent more on her sewing machine than her car. Bringing her green and crafty passions back together, Skye is now happily discovering ways to create beautiful and useful objects using thrifted and sustainable materials. No, that's not just an excuse to visit Goodwill more often. Honest.


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  1. I am wondering if you carry “organic” flannel (undyed) as I am looking to use it for a castor oil pack as recommended by my naturopathic doctor.


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