15 Girl Scout Cookie Box Crafts

Make Bookmarks from Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Feel less guilty about polishing off that box of Thin Mints. Save the cardboard for one of these Girl Scout Cookie box crafts!

15 Girl Scout Cookie Box Crafts

There’s one bad thing about having kids who sell Girl Scout cookies:

Wow, there are a lot of cookie boxes!

At one point, I had over 800 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in my house, and along with the consuming compulsion to Cookie Monster them all down, I would occasionally give them a horrified glance and think, “All that cardboard… oh, wow…”

Fortunately, Girl Scouts are also a handy bunch, and if you put a Girl Scout and a cookie box (and maybe a hot glue gun and an x-acto knife) in the same room together, that Girl Scout will have figured out some awesome way to upcycle that cookie box by the time you let her out again.

Here are some ideas to get her started:

Note: Although all these projects below can upcycle Girl Scout cookie boxes, all of them can also use whatever materials you have on hand–other food packaging, ideally, since it’s the same weight, but there are lots of supplies that would work.

15 Girl Scout Cookie Box Crafts1. bookmarksMy kids gave these away as “prizes” at their Girl Scout cookie booths, but they also make a fun way to remember what your favorite type of cookie was this year!

2. box carsLittle ones will love to build their very own car and then drag it around all day.

3. buntingDisplay the bunting with the box faces facing out at the kids’ Girl Scout cookie booths, or face the boxes faces in and decorate the plain backs to use this bunting for any occasion.

4. cardboard bead jewelryNormally, you think of paper for beadmaking, but cardboard works, as well.

5. cat scratching padThe corrugated cardboard in the big boxes that hold cases of Girl Scout cookies can be harder to upcycle; a kid and her troop, however, could make scratching pads for an entire Humane Society from them.

6. change purse. Make a Girl Scout cookie box into a simple little pouch to hold your tiny pretties.

7. easel. This is a lightweight, portable, and CHEAP easel to make from cases of Girl Scout cookies. Now you can draw anywhere!

8. magazine holderUse the big cases of Girl Scout cookies to make this sturdy storage unit for magazines and catalogues.

9. notebooksCookie boxes are a fine weight for a notebook cover. Again, face the box faces out for a Girl Scout-themed notebook, or face them in and decorate the covers any way you’d like.

10. note padsThis project is much easier than the notebook project above, as it requires no punching or binding.

11. pencil caseHere’s something to go with the notebook or note pad!

12. postcardsA postcard is a great size for a kid to use as a thank-you note.

13. purseThis simple project would make an excellent kid craft.

14. seed startersGirl Scout cookies boxes make a convenient size for starting seeds–simply cut the bottom of the box open and plant the entire thing!

15. storage boxesCover the big case boxes in pretty fabric, and nobody will ever know what’s underneath.

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  2. I use the Girl Scout Cartons to keep files in. Each one is a year of Girl Scouting and every event my daughter attends is given a file folder and the scrap booking items I might need to scrap book for that event is placed in the folder. Then when I have the time and crafty juices start flowing, I can pull out the folder and everything is there-flyers, photos, things she received at the event or things she made at the event that did not make the cut to be placed on the wall in her room, even scrap book papers and stickers I think I might use!

  3. Love most of the ideas here but when I keep trying to click on #15 “Storage Boxes” & it keeps taking me to Decozilla but I even when I put in multiple varieties of “Girl Scouts” “Cookie Cases” “Fabric covered cookie cases” the Decozilla site keeps telling me to search using another term.

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