Calling all upcyclers! Want to win $4000 in snowboarding gear?

Upcycling Contest

Upcycling Contest

The snowboard company RAMP Sports has a mountain of waste from its factory. Rather than send all of those materials to the landfill, they want to find a creative way to reuse it, and they’re having an upcycling contest to find the best reuse!

Jeff at our sister site Sustainablog wrote about the RAMP upcycling contest. If you need some inspiration, he has some ideas for possible reuses and a video that you can watch about the contest.

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How to Enter the Upcycling Contest

If you just want to dive in and enter, here are the nitty gritty details for the RAMP upcycling contest:

+ There is no deadline, but they’re saying the sooner the better. This stuff needs to be gone before the first snowstorm hits Park City, Utah, where their factory is located.

+ Think big. They have about 2,000 4-foot long strips made of bamboo, Kevlar, carbon, plastic, and fiberglass. That’s a lot of materials, so this upcycling project has got to be large scale. They want something that will use all of it.

+ Tell them about it! Got an idea? Send your proposal to

As you can see in the photo at the top of this page, they’ve already done some creative upcycling with their scraps by turning them into a yeti sculpture.

Do you have any creative upcycling ideas for such a huge amount of raw material? I’d love to hear about your upcycling contest entries in the comments!

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