Green Crafter Profile: Upcycled Jewelry from JMP Designs

Green Crafter Profile LMP Designs

Jill Porter created JMP Designs through, what she calls, a “happy accident.” While planning a family get-together, she challenged herself to only use recycled materials for decorations– she decided that she would make recycled flower centerpieces. Porter explains:

I loved the bright colored aluminum cans in my pantry and began cutting them up and shaping them into a bouquet of flowers. I loved the process and for months after the party I was still cutting soda pop cans and designing them into wearable art jewelry.

In June of 2010, Jill opened her etsy shop, JMP Designs, and has since sold recycled soda can art jewelry to 49 states and 10 countries! I am so glad that this “happy accident” happened because Jill’s jewelry is absolutely stunning! In the picture above you can see her gorgeous embossed heart necklace made from an Arizona Tea can. Isn’t it awesome? Here are a few more examples of her incredible pieces:

Green Crafter Profile LMP Designs

Starbucks Flower and Leaf Pendant Necklace

Green Crafter Profile LMP Designs

Recycled Soda Pop Tops Bracelet

Green Crafter Profile LMP Designs

Soda Can 3D Butterfly Earrings

Green Crafter Profile LMP Designs

Blue Soda Can Brooch/Pin

In case you were wondering where she gets all of these soda cans, Jill recycles the cans from drinks consumed by her family and friends. Then, she designs, cuts, embosses and assembles each piece herself! As her Etsy shop states, “My goal is to make the world a little greener with style,” and Jill at JMP Designs is doing just that!

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8 thoughts on “Green Crafter Profile: Upcycled Jewelry from JMP Designs”

    1. Hey Sherri!
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment! That’s so awesome that you make jewelry out of recycled materials!! I visited your facebook page– love your bracelets! πŸ™‚


  1. So wonderful! How / what tool give such a perfect smooth cut? I gave been wanting to cut metal for some time but not sure where/how to begin.

    1. Hey Holly!
      I’m not sure what tool she uses to give such a perfect and smooth cut, but if you click over to the JMP Designs Etsy page, you should be able to message JMP Designs directly. Hope this helps!

  2. How do I find a LOCAL artisian that uses recycled glass to make art? I want to give them my glass containers after cooking instead of throwing them in the trash.

  3. Bonnie, I to am a recycle craft person. I love your work. You put so much detail into it. Thank you for sharing it. I have bookmarked a couple of things on etsy I will be buying. πŸ™‚

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