Tutorial + How-to: Personalized Scrabble Tile Greeting Cards

DIY Scrabble Tile Crafts

personalized Scrabble card (1 of 1)

Everyone loves to receive a handmade card.

That handmade card is even more beloved when it’s personalized.

Greeting cards are easy to personalize with nothing more than glue and the Scrabble tiles taken from a thrifted Scrabble game. Adults can do some extra cool, extra complicated, extra fancy cards with their Scrabble tiles, but kids, especially, are thrilled at how easy it is to make a card for a friend using this method.

You will need:

  • glue: Hot glue, epoxy glue, or a strong PVA glueΒ will all work for this project. Stay away from glue sticks or school-grade white glue, since they won’t be strong enough to hold the Scrabble tiles if the card is bent.
  • Scrabble tiles: Thrift stores are THE best places to pick up these ubiquitous game pieces, and usually on the extra cheap, because if a perfectly complete Scrabble game was ever sold at a thrift store, then I, for one, haven’t seen it. I buy old Scrabble games every time I see them in a thrift store.

If you’re going to add any background decoration to your card front, then do it before you’ve glued your Scrabble tiles down. You can lightly trace each tile onto the card, so that you don’t lose track of where you want everything to go.

Also do all the writing inside your card before you add your Scrabble tiles–writing over a bumpy surface is NOT going to improve the neatness of your script, I’ll tell you that right now.

personalized Scrabble card (1 of 1)-2When my girls created these particular cards for their friends, they got creative with the letters–my older daughter used sideways Ns for Zs, and my younger daughter turned Ws into Ms, and when those ran out, too, she just wrote an M on the blank side of a tile. If you find that you, too, are running short of one special letter, and you’d like a neater result than a nine-year-old has the patience for, use my Scrabble tile pendant tutorial to simply create something cute–a stencil or stickerover background paper glued to a Scrabble tile, and topped with Diamond Glaze, would look really pretty interspersed with the plain Scrabble tile letters.

Unless you’ve just gone crazy with the Scrabble tiles, these handmade cards should be able to fit into any standard card envelopes that you have on hand–if you don’t have any on hand, DIY envelopes are SUPER easy to make. Because the thickness of your card is uneven, however, you’re probably going to want the post office to mark your card as unmachineable. It’s a pain in the butt, I know, Β and sometimes I try to sneak cards like these through the regular machined mail, but they have gotten messed up in trasit before without that “unmachineable” stamp, so be warned.

Cards like these don’t just have to spell out someone’s name, either–I know it may take a couple of trips to the thrift store to find all the letters, but “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” or “BE MY VALENTINE” would also look pretty terrific done in Scrabble tiles.

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  1. Emma says, “Thank you” for the card. We both LOVE it. I’m thinking of printing out a picture of Emma and sticking it in the center then adding the card/photo to my picture wall.

    Great job Syd, and thanks!

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