Tutorial: How to Freezer Paper Stencil (or Fake Silk Screen) a Necktie

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Measure the width of the tie where you want to place the stencil.It isn’t hard to find silk neckties when you’re out thrifting; the challenge will instead be to avoid loud, ugly silk neckties with large designs. The best necktie for this project will be made from silk or a silk blend, and will be either plain, or printed with a small-scale repeating pattern.

Of course, I’m not your boss, so go crazy with the tie selection if you need to.

After you’ve found the perfect tie, measure its width at the point at which you want the stencil to rest. I cut my stencil to be about 1/2″ narrower than the tie, but I’ve seen beautiful screen-printed neckties in which the stencil carried over to the back of the tie, too. Perhaps I’ll make one of those next year.

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