Turn 1 Pillowcase into 2 Tea Towels

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DIY Tea Towels

Got an old pillowcase in your crafty stash? Turn it into a pair of DIY tea towels in less than half an hour!

We love crafting with pillowcases around here. An old pillowcase gives you just the right amount of fabric for making all kinds of things, from grocery totes to aprons. If you’re a beginner in the sewing department, you’ll also like that the relatively small piece of fabric is much easier to work with than wrangling lots of yardage.

This project takes advantage of your pillowcase’s finished bottom edge to make sweet tea towels with less sewing. You only have to hem three edges, since the bottom seam – the space where the pillow went before you hacked it up – is beautifully finished, and there’s no reason to cut it open.

You can embellish your tea towels however you want. I decorated mine with stencils, but you could just leave your plain, add an appliquΓ©, embroider a design….the list is as endless as your imagination!

Ready to make your tea towels? Click here for the full tutorial!

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