Turn 1 Pillowcase into 2 Tea Towels

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DIY Tea Towels from an Old Pillowcase


  • thrifted pillowcase made from something absorbent
  • scissors
  • sewing machine, thread, pins
  • embellishment supplies


1. Cut your pillowcase apart along the top and side seams, like so:

cutting the pillowcase

2. You can now unfold your pillowcase into one big piece of fabric, and there will be a crease down the center where the fold was. Cut along that crease.

cutting crease 3. You’ll now have two pieces of fabric with a hem at the bottom. Hem all three of the unfinished sides on each tea towel:


You can be all done here, if you want, or you can go on and embellish your tea towels however you please! Grab fabric paint and stencils, iron on transfers, appliqués….have fun with it!

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