Pillowcase Crafts: 11 Projects for Vintage Pillowcases

pillowcase quilt
I have what you might call a vintage pillowcase obsession. I can’t pass up those beautiful pillowcases at the thrift store. A pillowcase has just the right amount of fabric for my sewing project ideas! Want to get in on the pillowcase sewing action? Here are some pillowcase crafts to kick things off:

1. Pillowcase Apron

Betz White shows how to turn a reclaimed pillowcase and a couple of yards of ribbon into a 10 minute apron! How perfect would that be for holding craft supplies or as a place to stash cash, pen, and other necessities when you’re vending at spring markets?

2. Pillowcase Laundry Bag

This is a fun, quick project! Really, I think this bag is cute enough to function as more than just a laundry bag. Add some inner pockets and a couple of straps, and you could totally pull this off as a giant purse.

child's skirt sewn from a vintage pillowcase

3. Pillowcase Skirt

How sweet is Julie’s tutorial for making a child’s pillowcase skirt? You could even scale this up to make a skirt for yourself!

4. Pillowcase Dress

Why stop with a skirt? This video tutorial shows you how to quickly turn a pillowcase into a child’s dress!

lavender sachets

5. Pillowcase sachets

A pretty vintage pillowcase provides plenty of fabric for whipping up a batch of laundry sachets. To make your own, just cut out two squares of fabric (around 6″ x 7″ would work fine), press wrong sides together, sew all most all the way around, flip it right side out, stuff with dried lavendar (or herbs of your choice), and close with a whip or ladder stitch. With just one pillowcase, you’ll be able to make enough to keep some for yourself and give a few away as gifts.

[ Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Le Petit Poulailler]

pillowcase curtains

6. Pillowcase Curtains

If you have a cute, little window in need of some privacy, look no further than your pillowcase stash. Elkim over at eHow walks you through turning a pillowcase into a sweet window curtain.

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Andie712b]

7. Pillowcase Gift Bag

A pillowcase would give you more than enough fabric to whip up some reusable, fabric gift bags in a variety of sizes!

pillowcase pajamas

8. Pillowcase Pajama Bottoms

Over at Polka Dot Cottage, you can learn how to make a super adorable pair of kids’ pajama bottoms out of an old pillowcase!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Polka Dot Creations]

pillowcase quilt

9. Pillowcase Quilt

Got a glut of pillowcases? Cut out some squares and turn them into a cozy pillowcase quilt!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Polka Dot Creations]

10. Pillowcase Bandeau Top

This detailed video tutorial shows you how to make a bandeau top out of an old pillowcase. It’s a little chilly for a top like this here in the northern hemisphere right now, but this looks like one that’s worth bookmarking for warmer weather!

11. Low Rise Pillowcase Skirt

The Green Girls show you how to use just a little bit of elastic to turn a pillowcase into a cute, low rise skirt. You could really modify this to make a skirt of any length you want, just cut more off of the top of the pillowcase, then follow the tute.

Have you guys done any pillowcase crafts that I missed? Tell us in the comments!

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