Top 10 Projects from the April Green Crafts Showcase!

Top 10 Projects from the April Green Crafts Showcase

9. DIY Recycled Magnets by Jeanpatch by MK

Using a similar method as the Paint Chip Magnets tutorial, Jeanpatch by MK created a business card magnet for one of her clients to enjoy! Instead of throwing out ugly and old magnets, upcycle them into something creative and unique! You could also glue photos to the old magnets as Jeanpatch by MK suggests. Something as small as a magnet for a client can make a large impact on a crafty business!

Top 10 Projects from the April Green Crafts Showcase

10. Fabric Lunch Bag by Permanent Kisses

Often times, people opt for convenience over eco-friendly options. Amy at Permanent Kisses created a fabric lunch bag that has the convenience of a paper bag, but is also eco-friendly because it eliminates waste! Instead of buying a lunch box from a big box store, or using wasteful paper bags, make one of these fabric lunch bags. You can even personalize it for each child by letting them choose their own fabric, making it their favorite color, or you could embroider their name on the front as well!

Please show all of these amazing green crafters how much we love and appreciate their work by visiting their site and leaving an encouraging comment! Also, don’t forget that we host the Green Crafts Showcase every month! We would love to see and feature your green crafts, so visit our Green Crafts Showcase for information on how to enter!

[Photo credits in order of appearance:ย  DIY Recycled Magnets by Jeanpatch by MK, used with permission; Fabric Lunch Bag by Permanent Kisses, used with permission.]

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  1. I am so excited, I nearly fell off my chair when I opened my email and saw I was #9 on the top 10 list! Thanks so much for including my recycling craft project with your reader’s. This is has made my day!

  2. Wow!! What a welcome treat after a week break or so of blogging and a bit of life happening around my house. Thank you for featuring my lunch bag. I am still smiling as I am packing her lunch although there are a few grumbles of where she puts it everyday!

  3. I am a guest on Shabby Lane Shops blog talk radio show today at 7 p.m. cst! I gave a shout out for Crafting a Green World and the top ten projects. You can visit my website and listen to today’s show and my last show where I introduced my recycled magnet project.
    Leave me a comment on my blog that you saw me on Crafting a Green World!

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