The Magic Yarn Project Makes Kids with Cancer into Princesses

The Magic Yarn Project makes the lives of kids with cancer better, one yarn princess wig at a time.

The Magic Yarn Project makes the lives of kids with cancer better, one yarn princess wig at a time.

The Magic Yarn Project is a volunteer group of Magic Makers that crochets beanies out of extra-soft yarn, then adds the yarn hair and fancy accessories that style the wigs to look just like the coifs of some favorite Disney princesses. These wigs are then sent off to young cancer fighters, keeping their bare heads warm, aiding their imaginative play, and–most importantly–cheering them up and giving them some happy moments in the middle of their cancer treatments.

The Magic Yarn Project helping kids with cancer

Although the group has the tutorial for their beanies, and many of the tutorials for the actual wigs, online, they also have a waitlist hundreds of kids long for these handmade, donated wigs, and so if you know how to crochet, or can knit the cute accessories that many of the wigs call for, then they need you! This would be a great service project for a Scout group, home ec club, or group of needleworkers to put together. Combine it with a donation of the exact types of yarn needed, or funds to buy more supplies, and you, too, will be making kids’ lives better.

And if you know a kid, boy or girl, who’s fighting cancer and would love to have a princess wig, too, you can fill out a request form to make the magic happen.

Don’t know how to crochet, but want to craft something for someone in need? Check out our Craftivism page, or try one of these projects:

1. Sew a NICU smock for a preemie baby

2. Sew menstrual supplies to keep girls in school.

3. Cut out shoes from recycled denim to protect kids’ feet.

4. Knit a nest for a rescued baby bird.

5. Sew a hospital-friendly quilt.

Photo Credit: The Magic Yarn Project

Written by Julie Finn

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