The Great Destash: How to Clean Out Your Craft Room

getting organized

Getting Organized

How you organize your newly-cleaned crafting space depends a lot on what kind of space you have, so I’m just going to give some general tips here:

  • A space for everything. Everything, from your fabric to small things like scissors and pencils should have a home.
  • Prioritize your supplies. Think about how you’ll fit everything into your space and also consider how and how often you use each thing. For example, I keep my sewing supplies out where I can grab them easily, since I use them all the time. My stash of acrylic paints are in the lowest corner of a bookshelf, because I don’t paint nearly as often.
  • Fun with containers. Good storage containers can help you keep things organized. For pens, pencils, markers, and paint brushes, I like using vintage mugs for easy access and the cute factor. I also used a vintage tablecloth draped over a low bookshelf to give me hidden storage, rather than buying a new bookshelf. Hit the thrift store for boxes, baskets, jars, etc. You might even have good storage options in your kitchen cabinets or in your stash already. Be creative to save money and resources!

How do you organize your craft room? Or do you have a whole room for crafting? I’d love to hear how folks with smaller spaces are making it work!

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  1. Just wondering. You say people are looking to swap craft supplies they no longer want, but I can’t find any list anywhere on your site as to what people have to swap or what they want. Is there, in fact, as list, or are you hoping people will post ads?

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