The Great Destash: How to Clean Out Your Craft Room

the great destash

Have you been wanting to destash your craft supplies but weren’t sure where to start? Check out how I reduced my crafty stash by more than half!

My husband and I are ever-so-casually house hunting, and a couple of weeks ago our realtor told us that an important part of staging your home for sale is decluttering. Since then, we’ve been sorting through everything we own and getting rid of lots of old knick knacks and general things-we-don’t-need. One area that I put off was paring down my stash of craft supplies, because it just seemed so daunting!

Letting go of things is tough, especially when it comes to craft supplies. For every supply you consider purging, you can tell yourself you might need it someday, right? And for a green crafter, it’s even harder because so many of our supplies are “finds” that mean a lot to us!

As always when I’m faced with a dilemma, I turned to my Facebook friends for advice, and they had some great tips that helped a lot. I’ll share my two favorite tips first, then tell you what I found worked well for me.

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  1. Just wondering. You say people are looking to swap craft supplies they no longer want, but I can’t find any list anywhere on your site as to what people have to swap or what they want. Is there, in fact, as list, or are you hoping people will post ads?

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