The DIY Garden: Upcycled Inspiration for Spring

Shoe Garden

Alamo Square Shoe Garden in San Francisco
I know, I know. It’s still winter. Don’t remind me. While I love certain things about winter, like holiday crafting and cozying up with a warm cup of tea, around this time of year I start to get a little sick of being cold all the time. When the chilly, dark days of winter get you down, some springtime crafty eye candy is the perfect pick me up!

wine bottle garden

Wine Bottle Garden Bed

Start saving those empty bottles, and maybe get some friends to help! Instead of sending all of that pretty, colored glass to the bin, you can use it to line a garden bed. Upside down wine bottles are beautiful, durable, and add a lovely pop of recycled color to your garden!

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[Wine Bottle Image: Creative Commons photo by Scrappy Annie, Shoe Garden Image: Creative Commons photo by torroid]

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