The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources

Teach Soap soapmaking forumGood soapmaking books are essential, but so are good soapmaking friends. If you don’t live in a neighborhood where everyone around you happens to be a soapmaker, then check out soapmaker’s forums, such as the Teach Soap forumΒ or the Soap Making Forum, for on-the-ground info, troubleshooting, and inspiration from experienced soapmakers around the world.

The archives alone are well worth a couple of hours of your time to sort through, but the ideas–bundt cake soap? Mud soap?–are also invaluable.

[The image on this page belongs to Teach Soap.]

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2 thoughts on “The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources”

  1. I made soap last year and LOVED it! I gave some away as Christmas presents and kept the rest. It lasts SUCH a long time and is far better than any soap I’ve ever bought. Funny to see both of the books I have in my library here. I’ll definitely check out the other references. Thanks!

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