The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources

loofah cold-process soap tutorialSometimes, though, you just need to follow one person through the entire process of making one batch of soap–especially if you’re a visual learner, this can be essential to your understanding of soapmaking. That’s why I’m also a big fan of cold-process soapmaking tutorials. To get you started, check out the loofah cold-process soap tutorial from Soap Queen, or Birch Bark’s cold-process soap tutorial over at The Soap Bar–tutorials like these, well-photographed and highly detailed, help you see how the same basic procedures are followed by many different soapers using many different recipes.

Now it’s your turn to show and tell! Feel free to use the Comments section below to point us to your favorite soapmaking resources, recipes, tutorials, and calculators.

[The image on this page is the property of Soap Queen.]

2 thoughts on “The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources”

  1. I made soap last year and LOVED it! I gave some away as Christmas presents and kept the rest. It lasts SUCH a long time and is far better than any soap I’ve ever bought. Funny to see both of the books I have in my library here. I’ll definitely check out the other references. Thanks!

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