The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources

The Everything Soapmaking BookYou weren’t going to read The Soapmaker’s Companion without Reading The Everything Soapmaking Book, were you?

There is truth in advertising here, because The Everything Soapmaking Book has a how-to on everything: cold-process soap, hot-process soap, embellishing soap, specialty soaps like bubble bath or shower gel…see? Everything! Read through to figure out exactly what of the million kinds of soap recipes there are that you want to start with.

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2 thoughts on “The Best Must-Read Soapmaking Resources”

  1. I made soap last year and LOVED it! I gave some away as Christmas presents and kept the rest. It lasts SUCH a long time and is far better than any soap I’ve ever bought. Funny to see both of the books I have in my library here. I’ll definitely check out the other references. Thanks!

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