Spotted: Mason Jar Twine Dispenser

DIY Twine Dispenser from an Old Mason Jar

Sick of tangled twine? Make your own easy peasy twine dispenser from an old mason jar and a few basic craft supplies that you probably already have.

DIY Twine Dispenser from an Old Mason Jar
Remember the last time you needed some twine for a project? And you pulled that knotted, tangled mess of twine out of your crafty stash, then spent more time untangling than you actually did using the twine? I have no idea what that’s like.

Wait, no. That is me every time I need some twine, and I am so, so over it. That’s why I’m loving this simple, tangle-free twine dispenser from Garden Therapy! Whether you need twine for the stakes in your fall garden or for that Back-to-School twine memo board that you’re totally making this weekend, you need to wrangle your twine.

Make a Twine Dispenser


What I love best about Garden Therapy’s simple twine dispenser is that…it’s simple! To make one, all that you need are:

+ a wide mouth mason jar plus lid and ring

+ twine of your choice

+ pencil

+ card stock (or reclaimed cardboard, like from an old cereal box)

+ scissors

+ hole punch

+ mini letter stamps or a permanent marker

Ready to make the simplest twine dispenser ever? Head over to Garden Therapy for the step-by-step.

You could also alter this project to hold anything that tends to tangle. Yarn, ribbon, baking twine, or even homemade fabric scrap twine would all work well in this homemade twine dispenser. You’d just change the size of the punched out opening to accommodate what you’re feeding through it.

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