Spotted: DIY Solar Chargers for All Skill Levels

DIY Solar Chargers for All Skill Levels

DIY Solar Chargers for All Skill Levels

Ever wanted to try making your own DIY solar chargers? Check out these sets of plans for all of your charging needs!

We don’t get super techy around here, but we fortunately belong to a blog network that covers a huge array of topics. When Jeff McIntire-Strasburg at Sustainablog shared these seven DIY solar chargers, I knew you guys needed to see them. You can check out the first three below, and head over to Sustainablog for the final four!

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3 DIY Solar Chargers

1. The Super-Cheap $4 Solar Charger: From Instructables, this project is the cheapest of the bunch… and project publisher Joshua Zimmerman gives a nice overview of solar power and batteries. You need to know how to solder for this one… via Lifehacker.

2. Another $4 Solar Charger for Rechargeable Batteries: You know those cheapy solar path lights you can buy at the discount store? You can hack those into a charger for AA or AAA batteries. The video below from The DIY World shows you how.

3. And Yet Another Cheap DIY Solar Charger from a Path Light: This one differs from the previous project in that you only use one path light, and put it all back together after modifying it to charge batteries. This one looks a bit simpler than some others.

Check out the other awesome DIY solar chargers over at Sustainablog!

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