Simple Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Are you looking for simple projects you can complete in a weekend for little to no money? Than look no farther because here are five projects to inspire you.

Got an old photo frame? Spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint and some craft or scrapbook paper. You probably have some scrap paper left over from other projects that would look fabulous inside a couple old frames. Better Homes and Gardens offers some easy inspiration for creating photo mats with window style frames so you can showcase multiple photos inside one big frame. If the window frame mats aren’t your thing, try decorating old photo frames with funky buttons.

from Pretty Handy GirlI love the test tube spice rack seen above. It’s a great little project if you already have test tubes on hand or a variety of other bottles that match, then you can easily create a new spice rack for your kitchen. I have a collection of old glass pill bottles from way back when that my grandma saved them. If I can create a rack for them I could have a nice spice rack set.

Better Homes and Gardens also shows you how to spruce up your room with new art created from an artist canvas. You can make it green by reusing one that you have already and some funky wallpaper. You could also use magazine pages, old greeting cards, or a variety of other papers that can be decoupaged onto the canvas and voila you have new art made from items you already have on hand.

Got a lamp that needs a makeover? Now is the time to give it new life. All Free Crafts has a simple tutorial for making an old lamp a new showpiece. Want to make something a little fancier? Check out this Anthopologie inspired teacup lamp.

candelabraDo you have an old window you’ve been wondering what to do with? How about transforming it into a message center? Pretty Handy Girl has a great tutorial for turning an old window into a new and stylish message center.

<Do you have pieces of branches or trees leftover after doing yard work? How about turning themΒ into rustic candleholders? Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make them.

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