Sewing Room DIY Projects

These scissors need a cozy, of course!
These scissors need a cozy, of course!

Make a Scissor Cozy

A sharp pair of quality fabric scissors are an essential tool for any seamster, and if you’ve invested in a good pair of shears you want to protect them from damage! It’s easy as pie to create your own.

  1. Grab a couple of pieces of recycled felt that are larger than your scissors.
  2. Stack and pin the felt together, place your scissors on top, and trace the shape of the scissors onto the felt, leaving about 1/4″ around the whole edge and leaving the top open so the scissor handles will stick out by about 1/2″, so you can put the scissors in and take them out again.
  3. Run the felt through your machine, sewing along the line you just traced.
  4. Use your scissors to cut off the excess fabric.
  5. Flip your cozy right side out and slide the scissors inside. Voila!

If you’re feeling really sassy, you can decorate your cover before you sew with an applique, a screen printed design, or buttons, but it’s not necessary.

So spill it, my fellow seamsters! What crafty ways have you used to deck out your sewing rooms?

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by madame_furie]

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