Searching for Eco Garden Art and Inspiration

Will spring ever get here?

In Michigan we had a tiny taste of it, then snow dumped on us again. I am so ready to dig in the dirt and work in my garden. But can’t just yet.

I can dream though.

I’ve been scouting the web for new ideas for eco garden art and inspiration to get ready for the eventual thaw.

Here’s what I found.

In my search for garden ideas, art, DIY and eco outdoor inspiration I found some amazing blogs filled with crafty garden goodness that I will be adding to my blogroll. These include: Cindee’s Garden, The Crafty GardenerEmpress of Dirt and my personal favorite Robo Junker’s yard art gallery.

These sites have got my creative jucies flowing. I need to search through my basment and shed and look for items I can use to create some of these fabulous yard and garden art.

I’m not sure if I have anything usefull though. I may have to hit the flea markets and yard sales once they open up. Which isn’t going to hurt my feelings because I love treasure hunting. Until I can shop and properly dig through my shed (it’s still much too cold) I am day dreaming with more projects on the web.

In my search I discovered that has a huge data base of green, nature, gardening, and recycled crafts that can be found here. I’m currently scrolling through to see if anything catches my eye.

I even found that eHow Home has videos that give you detailed how-tos for some fun and funky garden projects.

Do you know of any awesome blogs that features garden crafts? If so please leave a link in the comments. I’m in a mood for fabulous ideas.

2 thoughts on “Searching for Eco Garden Art and Inspiration”

  1. I totally share your lack of spring pain. Spring definitely got lost on her way out here to western Washington. All I want to do today is dig in the soil and plant some seeds, but for weeks it has still been alternating between cold windy rain and periodic hail storms. blef.

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