Recycled Tunes: Sonic Fabric

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by wowcool]

We love a good mix tape remix around here. Heck, some of us even knit with used cassettes. Seamstresses, don’t you fret! You can get in on the recycled cassette action, too…

Sonic Fabric weaves 50% cassette tape with 50% cotton into fabric.

The really rad part about this fabric is that it retains the cassettes’ musical qualities:

…not only strikingly beautiful and durable, it’s also audible: the sounds contained in the weave can be heard by drawing a tape head over its surface.

Amazing, right? Phish drummer Jon Fishman wore (and played!) a Sonic Fabric dress at their 2004 show in Las Vegas.

Want to stitch some tunes into your own work? You can pick up finished pieces, swatches, and even yardage on the Sonic Fabric site!

[Via: Craftster]

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