Yearn Worthy Yarn: Cassette Tape

I’ve been hanging onto a lot of cassette tapes from way back when. I can’t seem to get rid of them. But perhaps I could turn them into something new and different. I know we’ve been over what to do with the physical, plastic case, and there is a fiber made from the tape itself (it makes sound!). But what about knitting?

Yup, knitting.

You can take the inside of the cassette tape and easily knit with it. I mean, it usually got caught in the cassette player anyways. Remember how it got eaten and tangled? Ugh. Well, just be careful when you unwind the tape and treat it like any yarn that could get tangled.

What can you make with your tape? Well, just about anything that you can dream up. How about an ipod cover (oh the irony.) Or what about an evening bag, doll clothes, granny square? The possibilities are endless.

Knitting with the tape is a lot like knitting with plarn. It isn’t very forgiving, so be forewarned. Try pairing the thin strand with a fiber yarn for an interesting texture. This pairing is ideal for scarfs and other clothing.

What else would you use cassette tape for?

[Image by INDEED]

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